"Made the right move" - Spirit Squad member on former WWE star refusing to join the faction

The Spirit Squad debuted on Monday Night RAW in 2006
The Spirit Squad debuted on Monday Night RAW in 2006

Former WWE Superstar Mikey believes Elijah Burke made the right move by refusing to join The Spirit Squad.

In 2006, The Spirit Squad debuted on Monday Night RAW. They later entered a feud with the newly reunited D-Generation X. Kenny and Mikey also defeated The Big Show and Kane to become the World Tag Team Champions. However, later that same year, the group disbanded.

Speaking on the Cafe de Rene podcast, Mikey confirmed rumors about Elijah Burke turning down the idea of joining The Spirit Squad.

"Yes. Yes, he did. And fortunately for him, he made the right move because I think he had a really good and luscious career going forward after that. You know, he took a chance, he bet on himself, and I wanna say it worked out for him, you know."

Mikey also reflected upon Burke's success in the wrestling business:

"He had a great run as The Pope, you know, TNA. He had a good run in WWE, the ECW brand. He was working like the main events with [CM] Punk. (...) He was always in the mix and Elijah turned out to be a hell of a hand. A great worker. A great Talker. So, good for Elijah man." [1:09:31 - 1:10:14]

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Dolph Ziggler is the only former Spirit Squad member currently active in WWE

All former members of The Spirit Squad are no longer active competitors in WWE except for Dolph Ziggler. The Showoff has been working for the company for nearly 18 years, during which he won two world titles among several other championships.

In an interview with the Out of Character podcast, Ziggler opened up about his time with The Spirit Squad.

"Being in the ring with Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes – anyone you can imagine – getting those few minutes on TV, that juicy TV time, is amazing, and you learn. But our live events on the weekends, where we got Ric and Shawn and Hunter rotating in and out, tagging against us three, four nights a week, and the main event of the show, that is where you learn so much," he said. [H/T: FOX Sports]
Sixteen years ago today, one of NYWC's greatest wrestlers, graduates, trainers (and cheerleader) won the WWE Tag Team Championship with The Spirit Squad! MIKEY! @TheMikeMondo

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