Major WWE split rumors continue following Mia Yim's hilarious update and SmackDown loss

Mia Yim heads to the ring on WWE SmackDown
Mia Yim heads to the ring on WWE SmackDown

The WWE Universe has had a lot to say about one of their toughest acts as of late. However, Mia Yim has shown that she is not stressed amid rumors of a new storyline and even a new potential tag team feud.

The O.C. was one of WWE's top factions comprising Yim, AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson. Yim, also known as Michin, continues to represent the group, as do The Good Brothers when they're used. The Phenomenal One returned from a two-month hiatus this past December and has been on his own for the most part.

A more-heel Styles is now chasing the top of the blue brand. The 46-year-old has had minor tension with The O.C. since returning, and while the faction has not officially ended, Wade Barrett indicated on this week's SmackDown that the group as we know it is no more. Fans can still be hopeful as it was stated that Yim wants to bring The O.C. back together, but no details were provided. Gallows and Anderson accompanied Yim for her SmackDown entrance. The trio slapped hands and Michin rushed to the ring while The Good Brothers went back, then Yim lost her Women's Elimination Chamber qualifier to Bianca Belair.

The 2016 Queen of the TNA Knockouts took to Instagram today to joke about the loss, and about having Gallows and Anderson accompany her to the ring amid split rumors.

"When you eat the last cookie but nobody can say [poop emoji] to you cause your big brothers got your back #WWE #Smackdown #TheOc #GoodBrothers #HBIC," she wrote.

Yim's loss to Belair comes one week after her loss to SmackDown newcomer Tiffany Stratton from NXT. Her last singles win came over Tamina Snuka on the March 2, 2023, edition of WWE Main Event.

Is WWE planning to keep The O.C. around?

As stated above, there have been rumors about the status of The O.C. ever since AJ Styles returned from a two-month hiatus in December.

While The Good Brothers accompanied Yim to the stage for her loss to Bianca Belair on this week's SmackDown, AJ was not there. However, it has been noted that Michin wants to keep The O.C. together.

In what looks to be a good sign for the brand status of The O.C., it seems the company may be keeping the group around, even if it's just Michin and The Good Brothers. As seen below, WWE issued a teaser vignette for the arrival of a new tag team - Ashante "Thee" Adonis and Cedric Alexander - and it shows that The O.C. is factored regularly into creative plans.


The last multi-man match for The O.C. came on December 29 at the non-televised live event in Las Vegas as Styles, Gallows, and Anderson defeated Grayson Waller and Pretty Deadly. Yim's last O.C. tag team bout came on June 16 as she and AJ defeated Kross and Scarlett on SmackDown.

How would you book The O.C. to keep them around the company? What do you think of how WWE has used the group? Sound off in the comments section below!