"I’m not lazy" - Paige addresses why she’s yet to return to WWE

What's the latest on Paige's potential return to WWE?
What's the latest on Paige's potential return to WWE?

Paige still wants to return to the ring at some point in the future.

The former WWE Divas Champion retired back in April 2018 due to issues with her neck. Since retirement, we've seen both Edge and Bryan Danielson return to action after career-ending injuries.

These returns have inspired the star to get herself cleared to return to the ring in the future. But it's clear that many members of the WWE Universe are very impatient when it comes to her potential return.

The British star took to social media today to address these fans, tweeting out:

"It's wild that some people are like "well edge and Bryan came back you are just lazy" I'm inspired by them. I'm not lazy. My neck needs to recover. We are all built different. Sorry fam," she tweeted.

Paige's current WWE contract is scheduled to expire very soon

While it's unknown if or when Paige will be able to wrestle again, by the time she's ready to do so, she might be a free agent.

Last year, the British star revealed on her Twitch channel that her WWE contract was set to expire in June of 2022. That's only a few short months away now.

It doesn't appear that WWE has any interest in retaining the former Divas Champion's contract as she was noticeably absent from WWE 2K22, a game that she could have easily been a part of since she's still under contract with the company.

Her absence in this year's game could be very telling of her WWE future. If the company chooses not to renew her deal this summer, the former NXT Women's Champion will be free and clear to sign anywhere she wants.

What do you make of the star's comments? Do you think that her neck will be healthy enough to return to the ring someday in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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