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RVD reveals what would get one beaten up and kicked out of a dressing room; why he didn't enjoy his run

Kishan Prasad
Modified 04 Sep 2020, 19:13 IST

RVD is one of the most illustrious wrestlers in the Pro-Wrestling world. Currently RVD is signed with IMPACT! Wrestling since 2019. Apart from IMPACT! Wrestling, RVD is known for his work in ECW and WWE. In the WWE, RVD was a Grand Slam Champion and a Superstar that the WWE Universe loved. During his time in the WWE, RVD faced many formidable Superstars such as John Cena, Batista, Brock Lesnar and many more.

RVD on the WWE locker room culture

RVD was a guest on 411 Wrestling Interview Podcast. On the show, RVD told a hilarious story of how Brock Lesnar tried to explain the F5 to him, how John Cena has the ability to sway a crowd and more WWE experiences instantly.

While in conversation, RVD spoke about the first time he went backstage into a dressing room. RVD recalls how he was greeted and how the wrestlers told him that he couldn't be a fan anymore and he had to act like a star from now.

"So, I probably for sure had that feeling there. Most of my career, that was stripped away from me because of the fact that I wasn’t allowed to be a fan anymore by the time I first stepped into a dressing room. Like Sabu and Sheik, the first time I actually got in a dressing room, they were like, ‘You’re not a fan. You’re one of the boys. Don’t talk to anybody, unless you’re going to introduce yourself. Then they shake your hand, introduce yourself. Don’t say anything else unless someone talks to you, and because of that being pounded into me so early in my training, most of my career, I didn’t enjoy as much as a lot of wrestlers nowadays do. It was a different time. If I would’ve gotten a tattoo of the day of when I won the belt or something like that, I would’ve been beaten up and kicked out of the dressing room. So, most of my career, I need someone like you to actually point out to me how full circle things would come, and I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah!'”
Published 04 Sep 2020, 18:40 IST
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