"They just said no" - 39-year-old former WWE star reveals AJ Lee asked to work with her several times

AJ Lee is a former WWE Superstar.
AJ Lee is a former WWE Superstar.

AJ Lee had a connection with wrestling fans during her time as a WWE Superstar. She wasn't a typical WWE "diva" at the time and helped elevate the women's division alongside The Bella Twins.

During a virtual signing for Golden Ring Collectibles, former WWE Superstar Summer Rae discussed how AJ wanted to work with her in 2013. Summer noted that management didn't have any interest in the match, but Lee kept going to bat for the 39-year-old.

"AJ [Lee] did ask to work me multiple times and they didn't give it to her. AJ was kind of working the same people over and over, and we had one match on "Superstars" or something. Because I was so tall, I could base her for a lot of her lucha and high flying stuff. She just really liked working with me, and she didn't think I had a shot, like I wasn't given a shot. She asked Vince and she asked a lot of people, and they just said 'No,'" said Summer Rae. [H/T: Wrestling Inc]
Sasha Banks, Paige, AJ Lee, Emma, & Summer Rae backstage It’s also the only photo of AJ and Sasha together 🤯

Britt Baker urges WWE legend AJ Lee to come out of retirement

Britt Baker is currently feuding with former WWE star Saraya (fka Paige), who came out of retirement last year. So naturally, The Doctor would want AJ Lee to come out of retirement and join AEW as well.

Speaking with Riju Dasgupta in a Sportskeeda Wrestling exclusive interview, former AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker praised AJ and said that many girls look up to the three-time Divas Champion.

"I think you have to ask her [AJ Lee] that, not me. I think I would love to see AJ Lee in the ring again. She did so much for women’s wrestling and I think there’s so much more that she can do, even if she doesn’t know that there are so many girls that still look up to her, myself included," said Baker. [From 01:18 onward]

You can check out the entire interview below:


AJ's final match was on March 30, 2015. She teamed up with Naomi and Paige to defeat The Bella Twins and Natalya in a six-woman tag team match.

She currently serves as an executive producer and does commentary for WOW - Women of Wrestling. Time will tell if she ever shows up in another wrestling promotion or gets inside the ring one more time.

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