WWE allegedly contacted John Cena's ex-rival for a return despite him calling Triple H a "d*ck"

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H
WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H

WWE allegedly contacted former World Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree for a return.

Dupree signed with the Stamford-based company in 2002. About a year later, he made his main roster debut. The 39-year-old spent nearly four years as an active competitor on Monday Night RAW and SmackDown, during which he feuded with several wrestlers, including John Cena. However, he requested his release and left in 2007.

During the latest episode of his Cafe de Rene podcast, Dupree revealed that the Stamford-based company once contacted him for a comeback. However, the star suggested that he is unlikely to sign with the company now.

"I was contacted by the WWE. Well, an agent contacted someone that I've known for years and that person contacted me. But it's not in the cards. I'm sorry everyone. But yes, they (...) I mean, I still keep it a secret but there was talks of, anyway," he said. [7:19 - 7:49]

Rene Dupree recently claimed that John Cena felt threatened by certain wrestlers. Check out his comments here.

Rene Dupree dislikes WWE CCO Triple H

During his time in WWE, Rene Dupree seemingly did not have a good relationship with the current Chief Content Officer, Triple H. Over the past few years, the 39-year-old has criticized The Game on several occasions.

The former Tag Team Champion recently slammed Triple H during an episode of Cafe de Rene, calling him an "a**hole" and a "d*ck."

"I thought he was a d*ck. [Did he say something in particular that pissed you off?] Ugh, just an a**hole. But there's times like a very few times, but the few times, and I noticed whenever he'd be complimentary of me it meant so much. Because he was always just like a snob f**king make these off-handed comments, right? Then when he actually complimented me, I felt like, 'wow! it's so cool.' And he, you know. But overall, he was a d*ck," he said. [47:35 - 48:31]

Rene Dupree claimed that a nine-time champion "buried" his co-workers. Check out his comments here.

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