WWE Attitude Era legend teases coming back to join the Solo Sikoa-led Bloodline and replacing Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman is a creative genius in and out of the ring [Image Credits: WWE]
Paul Heyman is a creative genius in and out of the ring [Image credits: WWE]

WWE Hall of Famer Paul Heyman's position in The Bloodline has been in jeopardy since Solo Sikoa seized control of the faction. Attitude Era legend Rikishi recently discussed the endgame for The Bloodline and hinted at his potential involvement.

The Wiseman hasn't spoken to his Tribal Chief since the latter's Undisputed WWE Championship loss to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL. In a shocking turn of events on SmackDown last week, Heyman announced that Sikoa will sit at The Head of the Table until Reigns returns. Moreover, he named Tama Tonga the new "Right Hand Man" while anointing Tonga Loa as "The Infamous."

The recent regime change has some fans wondering whether Bloodline 2.0 will sit well with Roman Reigns. Speaking on his Rikishi Fatu Off The Top podcast, the WWE legend said he could see Reigns and The Rock on a collision course upon their returns.

"I kind of see Roman [Reigns] on one side, maybe The Rock on the other side. He'll come in, maybe, you know, be with Solo [Sikoa] on that side and you can always go [The] Rock finally gets, you know, with Roman, and Roman has to be the centerpiece," Rikishi said.

The Samoan Stinker teased the idea of joining The Bloodline in time for WrestleMania 41 in Las Vegas next year:

"You got The Wiseman there. I kind of see myself someplace. I don't know where. We really don't know until you kind of see everything unfold. You know what I mean? Hopefully, they're able to do some again in WrestleMania. I think tribal vs. tribal. Maybe two cages, WarGames type of vibe never been done before WrestleMania, you know, you have enough of the Bloodlines," Rikishi added. (25:40 - 26:53)

Check out the full episode below.


Rikishi wants to see his nephews go against each other in WWE

Rikishi asserted that he would like to see Jacob Fatu and Zilla Fatu on separate sides upon their potential WWE arrival.

"If it was me, I'd probably separate both of them because, you know, to separate these two and have that dream match to be able to happen on the grandest stage, that it'd be nice to be able to see Jacob [Fatu] go against Zilla [Fatu]."

Jacob has reportedly been signed to WWE since WrestleMania XL, but the company appears to have put his inevitable TV debut on hold. Meanwhile, Zilla has expressed his desire to join The Bloodline. It will be interesting to see if and when the two men will be brought into the mix.

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