Seth Rollins confesses he never wanted to work with current WWE Superstar

WWE RAW Superstar, Seth Rollins
WWE RAW Superstar, Seth Rollins

WWE RAW Superstar Seth Rollins revealed he never wanted to work with Matt Riddle due to a previous incident involving Becky Lynch.

The Visionary is slated to face Matt Riddle for Clash at the Castle. As it turns out, the heated rivalry between the two started in real life back in 2019 when Riddle's ex-wife body-shamed Becky Lynch.

In an interview with BT Sport, Rollins revealed that while he never confronted Riddle about the topic, he also didn't want to work with The Original Bro when he moved to the main roster.

"I just never talked to him. I just never said anything to him. Because I believe the comment happened when he was down in NXT. And then once he was called up to the main-roster, don't wanna work with him, don't wanna deal with him. [since] It's easy to ignore people when you're not entangled with them." [From 5:43 to 6:02]

How can Seth Rollins work with Matt Riddle in WWE?

Although the former WWE Champion has strongly expressed his distaste for Riddle, he was still able to put it aside.

In the same interview, Rollins revealed that the reason he was able to share the ring with Matt was because he was a professional. However, people should not expect them to hang out once the cameras are closed.

"I'm a professional. I get the job done. And I think that anybody you could ask, no matter what's going on backstage, when the red light's on and we're out there in front of a crowd, it's a different person. Backstage is a different situation as well. There's Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle backstage, and we're never going out, hanging out, going to bars, partying, and doing anything like that. Probably not even sharing a slice of pizza. And there's Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle in the ring." [From 6:11 to 6:42]

Although the two stars managed to put their differences aside for the sake of wrestling, it looks like they won't be making up even if their match finally concludes.

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