WWE: Sonya Deville picks future opponents for CM Punk

WWE stars CM Punk (left), Sonya Deville (middle), and Roman Reigns (right)
WWE stars CM Punk (left), Sonya Deville (middle), and Roman Reigns (right)

WWE star Sonya Deville is excited to see what CM Punk does next. She recently named some high-profile opponents for the two-time AEW World Champion.

Lately, much speculation has been about which stars Punk could face following his return to World Wrestling Entertainment. From Roman Reigns to Cody Rhodes, the list of names seems massive.

During her appearance on Sony Sports Network's Extraaa Dhamaal show, Sonya Deville was asked about the matches she would like Punk to have in WWE. She said:

"I'd like to see CM Punk vs. Cody Rhodes. I'd like to see Punk vs. Randy Orton now that he's back." Sonya Deville continued, "I could see CM Punk vs. Roman Reigns. So many of the top guys right now would be such an interesting clash of previous stories and angles meeting with new people and new angles."

Deville also named Gunther, who defeated The Miz at Survivor Series 2023:

"Gunther [as a potential opponent for Punk]. I'm a big fan of Gunther. I thought he killed it tonight [at Survivor Series 2023]. There are so many good matchups. It's all fresh."

Sonya Deville gives her honest opinion on CM Punk's WWE return

It's no secret that CM Punk is one of the more controversial competitors in professional wrestling today. While this often leads to divisive opinions from the wrestling world, Sonya Deville thinks the returning star could be "good for business."

On Extraaa Dhamaal, she explained:

"Where there is controversy, there are ratings, right? People like to be entertained. People like drama. I think that CM Punk is talented," said Deville. "I have never actually crossed paths with him; he left right before I started my career in the WWE. I don't know him personally at all, but I know what he has done with his career. I think it’s good for business, and I am excited to see what he’s going to do this time around."

Sonya Deville added:

"He is one of the most talked about wrestlers on the planet. The fans have been talking about him and rumbling for years. So, I mean, as a businessman, how do you deny that? I am in the same mind frame as Triple H [WWE Chief Content Officer] when he says: If the fans want it, then the fans got it. It's good for business. I am excited to see what’s to come."

Punk cut a promo on WWE RAW following his return at Survivor Series 2023. You can read more about what he said here.

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