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Paige says that her career is far from over

Published 04 Jan 2020, 08:00 IST
04 Jan 2020, 08:00 IST


Ever since she had to prematurely retire in April of 2018, due to a severe neck injury, Paige has managed to stay busy in WWE. The movie based on her life, Fighting with my Family, was released and the Anti-Diva was also the SmackDown GM for a brief period. She may or may not ever get cleared for an in-ring return, but Paige sent out a tweet today claiming that her "career is far from over."

A bittersweet in-ring career

Paige made an instant impact on the WWE main roster, by winning the then-Divas' title from AJ Lee on the same night of her debut in 2014. Her arrival started the company's path towards the Women's Evolution, and helped pave the way for the women ruling today's scene.

Although she was one of the featured performers in the division, Paige ultimately suffered some bad luck when forced to undergo an early retirement due to neck injuries. Since Daniel Bryan was able to come back from some serious health issues a few years ago, fans are holding out the same hope that the Anti-Diva will be able to return as well. Even though she briefly managed the Kabuki Warriors in 2019 and is a contributor on WWE Backstage, Paige isn't calling it a career just yet.

She's also put her past behind her with another tweet shortly after her first one. As we have successes and triumphs in life we also usually get our fair shares of disappointments and hardships to overcome. Paige tweeted the following to back up her claim that she wasn't closing the door on her WWE career.

I get told that my glory days are over w/ my career & that I’m a [expletive] coz of the crap that got released about me. Just know again. Ppl make mistakes when they’re young. I’m not that person. Also my glory days are far from over.

What's in store in 2020 for the Anti-Diva?

It would be an understatement to say that Paige's promising career was cut short way too soon. She was slated to become one of the top women in all of WWE, but some things were out of her control.

We can always hope for an in-ring return for the former Divas' Champ, but neck injuries are severe and don't heal like other injuries. Is she possibly hoping for more or is something else like a return to managing in the works? Can we add her name to the list of WWE personalities with podcasts under the WWE umbrella? We'll have to wait and see.

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