Paul Heyman must make controversial decision that leads to potential Roman Reigns vs. Solo Sikoa WWE Bloodline war

Paul Heyman needs to choose between Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns (Images:
Paul Heyman needs to choose between Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns (Images:

Paul Heyman has been dealing with The Bloodline drama on WWE SmackDown, with Solo Sikoa steering the ship during Roman Reigns' absence. The Wiseman has tried calming the former NXT North American Champion down as he's been on a power trip. This could lead to tension with Reigns once he returns.

The WWE Hall of Famer needs to decide who he views as The Bloodline's Tribal Chief: Roman Reigns or Solo Sikoa. Once the inaugural leader returns, Sikoa could try to remain in charge of the faction.

Heyman has a long-running partnership with Roman Reigns but could feel it's time for new blood to take over. Once Reigns returns, there will be a lot of pressure on The Wiseman, and he could be enticed to follow Sikoa's path.

Paul Heyman doubts Roman Reigns is still a worthy Tribal Chief


Roman Reigns' lengthy absence has led to The Bloodline taking a new direction under Solo Sikoa. The recruitment of Tonga Loa and Tama Tonga has cast fear into Paul Heyman because of their thuggish background. This is why the WWE Hall of Famer has been so worried on SmackDown lately. He knows that the group Solo has assembled is so strong that Reigns can't take back power.

Paul Heyman could hesitantly side with The Tribal Heir over Reigns, as he has doubts about the former WWE Universal Champion. He isn't sure about his longevity or his commitment to projects outside of the company, such as Hollywood blockbusters. He can make it clear that The Bloodline needs a leader who is always available.

Roman Reigns can try and regain Paul Heyman's trust


Paul Heyman may feel let down by Roman Reigns, having been by his side since August 2020. Their partnership has been hugely successful, as The Tribal Chief reigned for 1316 days as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

However, his lack of availability is complicating matters for Heyman. He wants Reigns to take the lead in person, but he's too preoccupied with outside ventures.

Reigns needs to show Paul Heyman he can trust him as the leader of the Bloodline. He's been his Wiseman throughout the stable's dominance.

The duo has had their issues in the past, including when Brock Lesnar clashed with Reigns. They put those troubles behind them but their long separation since WrestleMania XL may have caused cracks.

A Bloodline Civil War could ensue later this year


Solo Sikoa told Paul Heyman that he was filling in for Roman Reigns as the temporary leader of The Bloodline. He's gone mad with power during his tenure, but it might not all be his work.

The Rock's involvement in the storyline is intriguing, as he was at the forefront of The Bloodline during WrestleMania season. He's since headed off to Hollywood for a movie, but he promised Cody Rhodes he'd be back.

The Final Boss could make a shock return and cost Roman Reigns in a match with Solo Sikoa. That match should be for a contract that determines who is the real Tribal Chief.

Solo could win and hand the contract to The Rock for him to sign and become The Bloodline's new boss. This could lead to the Survivor Series War Games match fans are pining for. The Usos, Jacob Fatu, and Sami Zayn could potentially be involved.