4 things that can happen with Theory and the Money in the Bank briefcase

Theory's win at the event shocked the WWE Universe.
Theory's win at the event shocked the WWE Universe.

Money in the Bank has been an integral part of WWE for nearly 20 years. What started as an annual match at WrestleMania became a premium live event of its own.

For most of its existence, only the men of WWE had an opportunity for the Money in the Bank contract. As the world of wrestling evolved over the years, the women of WWE started to get the same chance.

THEORY IS MR. #MITB!@_Theory1 wins!!!

However, the male winners have had a much different fate than the female winners. For several months, stars like the Miz, Sheamus, and Dolph Ziggler held onto their cases. Big E won Money in the Bank last year and cashed in on Lashley a few months later.

Liv Morgan has already cashed in on her briefcase. How will things play out with this year's other winner, Theory?

Here are four possible things that could play out with the young star and the Money in the Bank contract.

#4 Theory successfully cashes in his Money in the Bank case

Don’t take me serious…I’m just gonna run up in that thang and become The Youngest 🚀 #thatsalldaytheory #ATownDown

This is the most straightforward possibility as stars either cash in and become a Champion or fail to do so. The last person to fail during their cash-in match was Braun Strowman back in 2018. Brock Lesnar interfered, voiding Strowman's Money in the Bank contract. Baron Corbin was also unsuccessful in 2017. Big E, the Miz, and Brock Lesnar all made good in exchange for their contracts.

The native of Atlanta, Georgia, can be counted as a star in the making. He's a favorite of Mr. McMahon, so much so that the two featured in segments together.

If WWE truly wants to cement Theory as one of its building blocks in the future, he will have a successful cash-in. So far, the former US Champion has put all of his cards on the table. He claims he will cash in on his briefcase after the Last Man Standing Match at SummerSlam. If he does, it will be too telegraphed.

Another possibility could be Theory cashing in on Drew McIntyre if he dethrones Reigns or Lesnar in Clash at the Castle. However it happens, Theory could be the Unified Champion within the next year.

#3 The Money in the Bank contract is defended regularly until it is cashed in

Oh c'mon @_Theory1 why'd you have to do that?! #SmackDown

This is something that would instantly improve the product. But it might make the actual Money in the Bank event less of a spectacle. It would, however, add an air of unpredictability to WWE throughout the year.

Champions should always be on their toes, and having a briefcase that is always active would achieve that goal. Once a case is cashed in, it isn't seen again for a year. Having an active case would provide officials with an opportunity to switch things up if needed.

Furthermore, putting the case on the line would also treat it like a title if it was defended. It would instantly add another must-see match to any card. Having an active contract would make it seem like anything could happen at any time regarding the top Championships. That unpredictability hasn't been used much with Roman Reigns dominating for nearly two years.

#2 Theory fails in his cash-in bid

Could someone like Dolph Ziggler thwart Theory's attempt to cash in his case?
Could someone like Dolph Ziggler thwart Theory's attempt to cash in his case?

It's been nearly five years since it happened, but Theory could fail when he tries to cash in on his contract. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar have been two of the most protected stars over the last decade. They rarely lose, and when they do, it is usually to one another.

One of those two beasts will walk out of SummerSlam as the Unified Champion. That is, however, unless Theory does indeed try to take advantage of the situation. He's been a cocky young performer, so a failure might throw him a bit off-the-edge, with a potential development in his character, further.

All Money in the Bank cash-in cannot be successful, so it might be the right call for Theory to fail. He could wait and try to cash in on at Clash at the Castle if McIntyre faces the Unified Champion. That could also be unsuccessful.

Due to how he was simply added to the ladder match at the last minute, it might be poetic justice if Theory fails to have a successful cash-in.

#1 Someone steals the briefcase or it goes missing

Wear black if you were robbed at Money In The Bank

Theory stole the briefcase out from under seven other Superstars. Each of the other participants had to win a qualifying match to make the Money in the Bank ladder contest. The youngster was simply added to the match at the last minute, thanks to his relationship with Mr. McMahon.

Most of the stars in the match were visibly upset with his addition to the contest. Because of that, one of the other participants could steal the case from Theory. It would provide WWE with an intriguing storyline. Mysteries are often the best angle for storylines if done correctly.

Someone like Sami Zayn or Seth Rollins would be perfect for this role due to their heel natures. Each performer also has a history with Reigns and Lesnar. Depending on when WWE wants Theory to cash in, someone could make him pay by stealing it from him.

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