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RAW Season Premiere: 5 Reasons why WWE is keen on Team Hogan vs. Team Flair at Crown Jewel

Riju Dasgupta
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01 Oct 2019, 12:43 IST

Why does WWE want these two legends to lead teams?
Why does WWE want these two legends to lead teams?

There were many talking points that emerged from WWE RAW this week, and you can read them all in this 'Best and Worst' list. But perhaps the biggest talking point of them all is what's going to happen at WWE Crown Jewel.

Both Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair will be leading their teams into battle as they storm into Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel. The captains have been announced too- Seth Rollins as well as Randy Orton.

But why has WWE chosen to announce a match of this nature at the Saudi Arabian pay-per-view? Worry not, because while I'm speculating, I do believe that I have the answer to the questions on your mind.

As always, I invite you to leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the rationale for the points.

#5 Allows legends to be on the bill without taking actual bumps

If you ask Hulk Hogan whether or not he could have another match, I'm sure the answer will be a resounding 'yes brother!' I'm sure you don't even need me to spell it out in the case of Ric Flair, because he seemed ready to go on this week's episode of WWE RAW. These are two men that have trouble leaving the glitz and the glamor of the squared circle behind them, quite clearly.

We also know that the man who rules Saudi Arabia is a big WWE fan and especially a fan of old school wrestlers. While I'm certain that he would have loved to see Hulk Hogan take on Ric Flair in a legendary match, this is the closest that he can get in the year 2019. I'm sure that the fans in attendance, who are starved for sports entertainment action, will also be thrilled with this matchup.

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