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RAW Superstar reveals how Brock Lesnar changed the script after crowd reaction

  • Brock Lesnar knows what works and when to change things around according to the crowd's reaction.
  • The Beast is a master of gauging what the crowd wants.
Modified 24 Mar 2020, 07:11 IST

Lesnar will defend his title against McIntyre
Lesnar will defend his title against McIntyre

Brock Lesnar, current WWE Champion, will defend his title at WrestleMania 36, when he faces 2020 men's Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre. McIntyre has spoken about how Lesnar has helped him and wants him to do well.

Earlier this month, in a segment on RAW, Lesnar gave advice to The Scottish Psychopath during RAW, telling McIntyre to pick up the title after McIntyre destroyed The Beast.

In an interview with Alex McCarthy of TalkSport, McIntyre spoke about that moment, and said that he did not forget it, but listened to Lesnar's advice, as the WWE Champion knows how the crowd feels.

"I was so into it! But I didn’t forget that, he [Brock] felt that in the moment and said ‘do it!’ The camera just picked it up, but that’s how much he’s invested in this. He made that call because he felt the crowd. No one sells like Brock Lesnar and two, feels a crowd like Brock Lesnar.

McIntyre has also spoken about how Lesnar has gone "above and beyond" to help him and put him over ahead of their huge match at WrestleMania 36. The match at WrestleMania 36 will be the first time that McIntyre and Lesnar have gone face-to-face in a singles match.

Published 24 Mar 2020, 07:11 IST
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