Reasons why Nikki Cross could be stalking fellow WWE Superstar

WWE Superstar Nikki Cross has been stalking fellow superstar Candice LeRae and fans have been musing why.
WWE Superstar Nikki Cross has been stalking fellow superstar Candice LeRae and fans have been musing why.

WWE Superstar Nikki Cross has embraced the dark side anew after losing to recently returned Candice LeRae. The defeat also led to her finally scrapping her A.S.H. gimmick right after their match. Since then, it has become apparent to the WWE Universe that Cross has completely lost it as her mind is on a different plane.

To that end, it may well seem that Cross could be setting her sights on The Poison Pixie after her defeat last September. Eagle-eyed fans have lately been noticing that Cross has been stalking LeRae backstage, and fans are musing as to why such behavior. Nonetheless, some may already have an idea why the former Almost Superhero is acting weirdly.

#4. Nikki Cross could just be waiting for the right moment to strike Candice LeRae


Starting off with the simplest reason behind it is that Nikki Cross is still livid with what happened between her and fellow WWE Superstar Candice LeRae, and she could be seeking revenge.

Cross could be well-aware that she won’t stand a chance against LeRae if she launches a frontal attack. Hence, a backstage ambush could be the best option she can think of. One might argue that Cross could get back up from Bayley and the rest of Damage CTRL, but would they be willing to aid her?

#3. Creative could be setting up a feud for the two WWE Superstars


There is definitely a reason why Candice LeRae showed up during Nikki Cross’ fateful September match. WWE fans are well-aware that the then Nikki A.S.H. was supposed to go toe-to-toe against Doudrop that day. Instead, the above-mentioned happened.

If that is the case, WWE’s creative team is doing a good job as fans continue to guess what is going through the mind of the now-derailed WWE superstar, including her recent fixation with LeRae. Also, the subtleties and build-up of the storyline (if there is one) between the two WWE superstars are some of the reasons why fans have been compelled as of late.

#2. Or perhaps an alliance?

This might be an out-of-the-ordinary reason why Nikki Cross is acting strangely towards Candice LeRae, but hey, this could happen. She could be looking for the right time to ask LeRae if she could be her in-ring partner.

Remember when the WWE superstar found out that she would be fighting The Poison Pixie instead of Doudrop? It's pretty obvious how shocked and panicky Cross was at the time, and she can even be heard asking LeRae, “what are you doing here?” before going at it.

This unhinged version of Cross might have felt something in LeRae that ruined her morale that night and cost her the match. That being said, she could be having this if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em mindset right now and see The Poison Pixie as a valuable ally in the squared circle.

If such a partnership comes to fruition, this could be one of the most unusual team-ups within the RAW women’s tag team roster.

#1. This Nikki Cross-Candice LeRae stalking saga could be paving the way for the reformation of The Way and Sanity


For those unaware, both Candice LeRae and Nikki Cross are members of the aforementioned factions, respectively, that were formed in NXT. This has been the speculation of fans and critics ever since Cross went on a creeping spree.

At first, it was only LeRae whom she stalked backstage. However, it looks like she is also checking out former members of The Way (Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis) in one of the vignettes.

Another thing worth noting was the WWE superstar's recent social media post, which featured a clip of her talking about scribbled symbols she made. Those who saw it were quick to notice the dates written alongside the drawings as these were important moments involving her, LeRae, and Sanity:

  • 10-12-16 (Sanity debuted on NXT)
  • 11-21-18 (match between Cross and LeRae)
  • 04-17-18 (Sanity debuted on SmackDown)

In line with this, it is also believed that former Sanity leader Eric Young may have already signed with WWE and could just be waiting for the promotion to reintroduce him.

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