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Royal Rumble 2019: 3 possible stipulations for the AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan match

Ali Akber
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How about a concessions table fight?
How about a concessions table fight?

The rivalry between AJ Styles and The ‘New’ Daniel Bryan have been heating up week after week, and this week we saw Styles explode on Bryan in a backstage segment.

SmackDown creative is doing a great job taking storylines forward, and this has been evident in this storyline too which has also seen the involvement of Vince McMahon.

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As the stage is set for both men to go to battle at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship, WWE has an option of spicing things up a little more for the fans and make it more interesting.

The bout between the two men at the TLC pay-per-view surprisingly had no stipulations, but we could see one being added to their match for the Rumble.

Their confrontation and brawl have gone all around the arena out of the ring, and hence there are chances that the creative is slowly working towards adding a special stipulation to their match.

If that is the case, we have come up with three famous stipulations which could work well in a match between the two men. Check out the 3 possible stipulations for the AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan clash at the Royal Rumble, and share which one you’d like to see in the comments section below.

#3. Falls Count Anywhere

Seth Rollins faced Dean Ambrose under such a stipulation
Seth Rollins faced Dean Ambrose under such a stipulation

A falls count anywhere match is one where pinfalls can take place in any location, which means that they do not necessarily have to take place inside the ring as per normal rules.


This also leads to the elimination of the “count-out” rule as the match can take place in any part of the arena where the wrestlers move around targetting their opponents. The most recent example of such a match we saw was one between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship on an episode of Raw recently.

As this match is usually a hardcore match, it allows the use of objects and weapons which makes it much more interesting and lethal at the same time. As Vince has already pushed AJ Styles, asking him to show the "real" him to the world, we could expect a darker side of Styles to shine out if this stipulation is used for the match.

On the other hand, Daniel Bryan is already playing a heel character and can make full use of this stipulation to take his character further and become a greater villain.

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