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Season's Beatings: 10 reasons why every WWE fan should be thankful

J. Carpenter
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Shane-O-Mac gave fans hope in 2016, and he delivered

In this era of the Internet and the ever so hated "IWC," It's easy to pick the WWE apart, and find things to complain about. 

However, if you really think about this past year, and everything that has transpired, you'd be hard-pressed to find a legitimate reason to think that the year 2016 was anything other than an improvement, at the very least.

Nevertheless, as long as there are body slams, and dives off of the top rope, there will always be those who want to bring the company down, despite the obvious strides in improvements.

With this said, we are now entering into the final month of the year. Yes, December is upon us, and in just a few weeks, we will usher in a brand new year. With a new year, comes new opportunities, new faces, and new hope for an even better year than the one which has passed.

But, before we completely say goodbye to 2016, let us take a look back, and give thanks as we reflect on a successful year that was 2016.

These are the Top 10 reasons why every WWE fan should be thankful for the year of 2016.

#10 Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho: BFF's

Fellow Canadians with a strong bromance!

Yes, it worked!

In the beginning of this storyline, I had my reservations, primarily because I thought it would lead to making Kevin Owens looking weak, or sort of goofy as a champion. Owens has a very unique, serious attitude, or demeanour.


I was afraid that a hokie type of angle like this, would compromise his gritty, no-nonsense persona. However, it was quite the contrary. In fact, working with Jericho has only helped Kevin evolve further as a complete performer. 

As far as Jericho goes, he's a proven entertainer, no question about it. He has been absolutely money throughout this angle. Armed with his "List of Jericho," this story has been not only hilarious but also productive.

Plus, when this whole thing is all over, this could potentially lead to a massive payoff contest against one another, possibly at Wrestlemania.

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