Security guard to sue 12 WWE Superstars over steel chair incident

Rivers thinks Dean Ambrose hit him with a steel chair but is not sure

It’s been said that anything can happen in the WWE, even if you’re a security guard working at a live WWE event. According to Courthouse News Service, Troy Rivers, a man who worked as a security guard at the Savannah Civic Center in 2013, was struck in the head with a chair during the event. He claims that it was not a part of the show and he suffered several injuries that have compromised his quality of life.

Perhaps the most puzzling thing about the lawsuit are the listed defendants. While Rivers claims to have been hit with a chair, he is not aware of who it was for sure. Therefore, the lawsuit lists Dean Ambrose, John Cena, Ryback, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Fandango, R-Truth, Cody Rhodes, Cesaro and Damien Sandow as defendants.

Rivers thinks that it may have been Ambrose that hit him but is unsure. As far as the injuries that Rivers allegedly suffered, he states that he suffered “serious, significant and permanent personal injuries.” Not only have his injuries compromised his life but his wife, Mary, is also a victim of the alleged incident. She claims that the injuries are so severe that she cannot receive “conjugal fellowship” from her husband.

Rivers goes on to further describe his injuries by stating that he is suffering “physical and mental anguish, diminishment of his earning capacity, and continues to suffer a loss of enjoyment of life.” At this time, Rivers’ attorney Kevin Elwell says that everybody who performed on that show is a suspect.

“We haven’t reviewed the video from the event yet, so we’re bringing in everyone on the card that night. Only one guy did it, but we don’t know which one yet.”

While the man is seeking unspecified punitive and compensatory damages, at this point, this lawsuit does not appear to have much of a case at all. For starters, it happened two years ago, meaning he would have been living with all of these issues two years after working that WWE event, not having said a word about it.

Secondly, there are a dozen WWE superstars listed in the lawsuit. It will be hard to take Rivers and his case seriously when he cannot identify who hit him. WWE on their part have issued a written statement in response and said they have no knowledge of “any such incident and the security company that hired the plaintiff doesn’t have any record of this matter either. Furthermore, the plaintiff’s attorney has admitted he has no basis to sue the individual defendants named in the lawsuit.”

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