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Simply Fabulous: 10 Best Pro Wrestling Fashionistas

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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 08:02 IST

Where does the legendary king of drip the
Where does the legendary king of drip the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair rank on our list of most fashionable wrestlers? Keep reading to find out.

"Every girl goes crazy for a sharp dressed man." Texas rock and roll icons ZZ Top wrote that lyric thirty years ago, yet it still applies today. While it's important not to overlook less obvious qualities in people in general, and wrestlers in particular, there's nothing wrong with giving a nod to those among us who dress on the bleeding edge of fabulous fashion.

Pro wrestling--or sports entertainment, if you prefer is a realm of extremes. Extreme athleticism, extremely jacked bodies, and--you guessed it--extreme fashion.

Sometimes a wrestler can be recognized as a fabulous dresser based only upon their entrance gear. Other times, they are recognized for the way they dress when not performing. Then again, there are those who are fabulous both inside and outside the ring.

A visual first impression is of the utmost importance in an entertainment format like pro wrestling, so naturally there are a lot of amazing costumes. But who is the most fabulous fashionista of them all?

Without further ado, here are the ten most fabulous fashionistas in pro wrestling.

#10. Booker T

Booker T has always had impeccable fashion sense. Can you dig that, sucka?
Booker T has always had impeccable fashion sense. Can you dig that, sucka?

Booker T's legacy in pro wrestling is more than secure; it's legendary. Not only is he one of the few men to win both the WCW and WWE big belt championships, he is a highly decorated tag team wrestler as well, not only with his partner Stevie Ray in Harlem Heat, but a slew of other teammates as well.

While being a two time--two time--two time--WWE Hall of Fame member is a great notch on Booker T's belt, he is also one of the best dressed men in pro wrestling history. Booker T favors tailored suits in classic styles, but with a pop of color and extra patterns that wow audiences everywhere.

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Published 21 Dec 2019, 08:02 IST
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