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Smackdown Live Results: Analysing and grading each segment (January 10th)

A disappointing main event between Corbin and Cena...


The Corbin/Cena main event was disappointing, with a typical clean comeback win for Cena

After delivering a good showing in last week’s first episode of 2017, SmackDown Live looked to repeat its success, with the Royal Rumble only three weeks away. They did, with another good episode of SD Live outdoing Raw once again in terms of quality.

Dean Ambrose and The Miz’s feud took centre stage, opening the show with an edition of the Ambrose Asylum. Nikki Bella and Natalya ensued in a chaotic brawl due to their bad blood, with the rivalry between the two becoming even more personal.

Dolph Ziggler faced off against Kalisto, suffering another loss but making up for it with a vicious beatdown on Kalisto and Apollo Crews after the match. The Wyatt Family battled American Alpha in a rematch for the SD Tag Team Championships, with tensions between the Family leading to an upset win for Gable and Jordan.

These segments entertained fans well with simple but effective storytelling. However, two segments on the show disappointed fans rather than exciting them. Carmella and James Ellsworth’s baffling partnership continued, with an awful match leading to another insignificant win.

John Cena and Baron Corbin clashed in the main event, but it was a disappointing affair that led to a typical underdog victory for ‘Cenation’. So, what grade did each segment from this week’s SD Live receive? Let’s find out, as I analyse and grade each segment from the January 10th edition of SD Live.

The Ambrose Asylum with the Miz and Maryse:              

A nice way to continue the Miz/Ambrose rivalry without another match

Grade: 8/10

This was a good segment that capitalised on the main event from last week’s show, with Miz and Ambrose continuing their feud in a promo segment here. The video package that aired before this was splendid.

Both men announcing their intentions to enter the Royal Rumble match was great, as star power continues to be added to the match. Miz’s heel work here was excellent, and his obsession with the IC Title makes it feel very important even without him holding it.

Ambrose was also stellar here, as it seems he is finally hitting his stride as a face. If he continues to showcase himself like he did here, his reign as Champion will be strong.

Ambrose giving Miz his own participation award was awesome, as was Miz’s cheap beatdown on the Lunatic Fringe, and then Ambrose’s comeback and Dirty Deeds. The face/heel dynamic in this rivalry is perfect, with Miz clearly booed while the fans get behind Ambrose with cheers.

Overall, a strong opening segment that showcased the Miz/Ambrose rivalry, with Ambrose getting off to a good start as Intercontinental Champion.

Check out the segment here:

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