Solo Sikoa to replace Paul Heyman with 58-year-old legend as The Bloodline's Wiseman? Exploring potential twist that would affect Roman Reigns too

Roman Reigns has been removed from advertisement for SmackDown. [Image source:]
Roman Reigns has been absent from programming since WrestleMania XL. [Image source:]

Solo Sikoa has been The Bloodline's leader in the absence of Roman Reigns and has portrayed a ruthless and powerful character on-screen. However, he hasn't been able to command the same respect and admiration that Reigns did from the WWE Universe. Every time 'The Enforcer' walks into a ring, fans begin to ask for Roman.

Nevertheless, The Enforcer seems to be focused on making the new Bloodline a more dangerous and ruthless version of what it used to be. Since becoming the de-facto leader of the faction he has removed Jimmy Uso, added Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa, and has essentially forced Paul Heyman to be his Wiseman in Reigns' absence.

Considering Paul Heyman's loyalty towards Roman Reigns, Heyman's time with The Bloodline may be about to come to an end. It so happens that WWE veteran and Solo Sikoa's father, Rikishi, has commented about being a possible part of The Bloodline, and he not saying "no!"

"Damn it, every time I keep trying to leave [myself] out, you guys keep trying to pull me back in. And of course, I'm not saying 'No, I won't.' What I'm saying is, hey, I'll see it coming a mile away and I'll know when it's time for me to throw my name in the hat. At the end of the day, we're gonna make sure that this is gonna be an even playing field for The Bloodline on both sides."

The most logical position for him will be to advise Solo Sikoa. Once Roman Reigns returns, Paul Heyman will mostly align with The Tribal Chief, and that's when Rikishi can even the playing field for both sides of The Bloodline.

Rikishi believes major match between Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa should happen at SummerSlam

It's expected that The Tribal Chief will return to the squared circle as a babyface to take on the Solo Sikoa-led Bloodline. Furthermore, it is speculated that Jey and Jimmy Uso will join The Tribal Chief in his quest against The Enforcer.

Rikishi gave his two cents about Reigns' return and facing Solo Sikoa, claiming that The Enforcer will stand his ground as he has been doing a good job building his brand. He also believes this can lead to a mammoth match at SummerSlam.

As of now, Roman Reigns hasn't been advertised for any show before The Biggest Party of The Summer.

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