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Super ShowDown 2019 Preview: 2-Time WWE Champion returns, huge twist in MITB cash-in

Rohit Nath
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:22 IST

WWE returns to Jeddah
WWE returns to Jeddah

WWE's first of two Saudi Arabia shows happens tonight or today (or even tomorrow), depending on which side of the world you're on. Hosting a PPV in a different time zone means that WWE have to adjust the timings quite a bit.

Moreover, one must remember that it is on a Friday, which means that we'll have a 15-minute (approximate) prayer break, where WWE will likely show another clip similar to last year. However, at the Greatest Royal Rumble, WWE was the subject of a bit of controversy due to using that time slot to showcase the progressiveness of Saudi Arabia.

Either way, this preview isn't about politics or culture. It's about WWE. And as they like to call it, it's a show "Equal to or bigger than WrestleMania". In terms of revenue? Absolutely. In terms of eyes on the show? Not even close.

Either way, the card is pretty decent from top-to-bottom and here's what you should look forward to at Jeddah! Also, we're going to see The Usos vs The Revival in the kickoff show.

#9. Triple H vs Randy Orton

The two legends face off after years
The two legends face off after years

Triple H and Randy Orton are going to go head-to-head after a very long time. The two former Evolution members have so much history together that it would take quite a while for us to break it down.

But their paths have crossed many times before, including a WrestleMania main event ten years ago. There was no particular build to this match minus the face-to-face that they had on RAW.

It was a rather light-hearted exchange when you think about all the things they've said and done to each other. Their interaction was limited to talking about who has bigger testicles. In a way, it's symbolic of the two veterans' ego. Will this be the opening match? It could be.

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Published 07 Jun 2019, 13:28 IST
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