The 'new' Mandy Rose could be a force to be reckoned with in NXT

Mandy Rose unleashed a new fire and fury on this week's edition of NXT
Mandy Rose unleashed a new fire and fury on this week's edition of NXT
Ryan K Boman

There's an old expression: "A rose is a rose is a rose."

But this week on NXT, Mandy Rose tested that theory. While her name itself hasn't changed, her looks and persona certainly have. She's reinvented herself in a big way and made a splash on the first episode of the brand's new era.

The former main roster superstar was once best known for her longtime partnership with Sonya Deville. Despite being one of the more popular pairings in WWE, the duo never captured championship gold.

They split not long after, leading to Rose forming a short-lived tandem with Dana Brooke before returning to the NXT roster.

Mandy Rose's return to NXT seems to be a healthy reset on her career

Mandy Rose has not only changed up her appearance but her attitude, as well. Casting aside her classic blonde bombshell look to become a brunette, the WWE Superstar's demeanor now seems to be even darker than her hair.

Always a great athlete in peak physical condition, Rose looked to be at an even higher level as she debuted her new appearance.

When she first entered WWE, many dismissed her as just another fitness model turned wrestler. Rose had the look but had not yet honed her in-ring skills, and tagging with Deville helped her develop those over time.

Even still? She's never held a title in any of WWE's three brands. That may not last for long, however. The 'new' Mandy Rose looks like she could be something special for the re-vamped NXT and its women's division.

This week, we saw the blooming of a new Rose

Her latest performance in the ring looked crisp and sharp, and it's obvious she will be pushed as a much more serious, edgier character. Rose seems to have returned with not only brown hair but a chip on her shoulder, as well.

It showed in the ring, too, as every bit of her time in action was punctuated with power. She looks to have really formed a solid clique with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. The trio were terrific as they came out victorious over Sarray, Kacy Catanzaro, and Kayden Carter.

Mandy Rose got the pinfall in the match and was clearly being positioned as the star of this segment. While we can't be sure where WWE will be taking the direction of her faction, they certainly look like a force to be reckoned with in the near future.

It's very much an uncertain time in NXT, as the brand just had its first episode with a re-launched look and attitude. But as the promotion evolves, Rose is evolving right along with it.

She is an established name in a division that doesn't have that many, and that counts for a lot right now. Having competed on the main roster, she has the star power that NXT 2.0 desperately needs as they try to sell fans on this re-start.

Now, with a whole new look and attitude, there's plenty of reasons to think she might get her first taste of gold by capturing the NXT Women's Championship.

Who knows? Over the next few weeks, we may be seeing the Rose blooming right before our very eyes.

What are your thoughts on NXT 2.0? Are you excited about the changes to the brand? Sound off in the comments section below.

Edited by Kartik Arry
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