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The night Brock Lesnar ended The Streak at WWE WrestleMania XXX

  • The Undertaker's streak was known throughout the world.
  • So when it ended it sent shockwaves across the WWE Universe.
Aaron Gales
Modified 27 Mar 2020, 14:01 IST

The night Brock Lesnar made history and ended the Undertaker
The night Brock Lesnar made history and ended the Undertaker's streak

Growing up watching WWE (or WWF as it was then known) there was very little that was ever certain in the unpredictable world of sports entertainment.

However, there was one thing you knew without a shadow of a doubt - that the right arm of The Undertaker would be raised in victory at Wrestlemania.

Over the years some of the biggest names in the business fell short against one of the most dominant superstars in the history of WWE.

The streak began at Wrestlemania in 1991 in a short match against Jimmy Snuka. After that fairly inauspicious start, though, the Undertaker would defeat names like Jake Roberts, Ric Flair, Shaun Michaels (twice), Triple H (three times), Kane (twice) CM Punk, Randy Orton and Edge in singles competition, while he also managed to defeat Albert and the Big Show in a two on one handicap match.

Such was his dominance at the WWE's biggest event of the year, that many speculated that ending The Streak could be worth more to a superstar's career than a world championship belt.

However in 2014, he would face a very different challenge in the form of Brock Lesnar, who had been in destructive form after making his long awaited return to WWE in 2012.

The match itself would last 25 minutes, but the result would send shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe.

Chokeslams, F5s and tombstone piledrivers were exchanged with both men refusing to submit to the three count.


Watching an Undertaker match at Wrestlemania was always an interesting experience as a fan. They were never short on entertainment, but the problem was you never actually thought he was going to lose. Ultimately you knew that whatever his opponent could throw at him would never quite be enough.

However in the match against Brock Lesnar, there was a moment when the millions watching thought that there might, just might, be an upset on the cards. That was the moment when the Undertaker used his last remaining energy to hit a tombstone on Lesnar in the center of the ring.

He crossed Lesnar's hands across his chest and rolled his eyes to the back of his head and the world waited for the referee's hand to hit the mat for the third time.

Except it didn't happen. Lesnar, against everyone's better judgement kicked out.

That moment was the beginning of the end.

Undertaker sat up and at ringside Paul Heyman holds his head in his hands. Lesnar is dazed on the floor.

The deadman moves his hand across his throat signalling that the end is near. He goes for another tombstone.

But Lesnar hasn't read the script. He reverses the manouevre and hits his third F5 of the night. He covers his opponent.



Surely not.


It was over. Brock Lesnar had done it. The streak was no more. In the ring Paul Heyman holds his head in his hands. The fans in the arena look genuinely stunned.

That was because only a handful of people knew that the streak was actually going to end. In the aftermath it was reported that not even the referee knew it was going to happen.

The Undertaker himself has no recollection of the match, after suffering a concussion, which went a long way to explaining his often glazed look during the match itself.

It was a brutal end to a stunning period of dominance. However the cultural significance of this ending will perhaps be most evident in how Brock Lesnar is remembered.

The man has achieved a huge amount. He is an eight time world champion in WWE. He is a former UFC Heavyweight champion.

But when he retires it will be this moment that defines his career. It was the moment he achieved what no other man had been able to do before.

Pin the Undertaker for a count of three on the biggest stage of them all.

It was the greatest night of his WWE career. And possibly the most shocking moment in WWE history.

Published 26 Mar 2020, 10:30 IST
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