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The top 10 WWE entrances of all time

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Every great wrestler today who has made it to the top would never have made it there if not for their unique entry into the ring. One of the most exciting aspects of watching your favorite wrestler be a part of a match is to watch him enter the ring.

With special effects such as dim lights and pyrotechnics at the ready to make the entrance all the more enthralling, looking at one’s favorite wrestler enter the ring is indeed something that every WWE fan takes pleasure from.

Here’s a list of the top ten ring entrances of WWE wrestlers who have made an impact in the world of WWE.

10. Goldust

‘A Shattered Dreams Production’ along with golden confetti falling from the sky meant it was time we witnessed Goldust. A wrestler with huge potential for entertainment had without doubt one of the greatest entrances of all time.

Once into the ring he removed his robe and wig seductively and this made both the opponents and fans feel uneasy. Well, if you can bring about such reactions your entrance is no doubt effective. The fact that he was hugely sidelined and never brought into the main event storyline did not allow a lot of fans to take notice of his entrance.

Here’s Goldust making one of his most memorable entrances in Wrestlemania 18.

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