Top 10 wrestlers above 40

TNA Wrestler "Bully Ray" Dudley Celebrates His Birthday At Rick's Cabaret

Wrestling requires a lot of stamina and while everyone says it is a young man’s sport, multiple wrestlers in the WWE have proved otherwise. They’re at the peak in their careers and things couldn’t have panned out better for them. And these above-40 men aren’t only in the WWE. There are a number of them in TNA too.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 wrestlers above 40 who we think are killing it in the wrestling industry right now.

10. Bully Ray (41)

The hottest property in the TNA right now – Mark LoMonaco or if you prefer, Bully Ray. He’s in excellent shape, still kicking everyone’s a** in the ring. Five days ago, he lost the TNA title to Chris Sabin on a Destination X-themed show, and no one was expecting that. Bully Ray was the man everyone thought who would win; Bully Ray was destined to win!

Bully’s reached places being a member of Team 3-D, along with his brother Devon, and moving on from there did wonders for his career. He’s the leader of TNA’s biggest faction The Aces & Eights and he’s brilliant at it. He has the flair, the experience and the skills to become the next TNA Champion or even make a breakthrough in the WWE!

9. Christopher Daniels (43)


This Fallen Angel has just gotten better with age. He’s 43, but that hasn’t stopped him from being a part of the most entertaining tag-team with Kazarian. Some might call him underrated, and they’re not wrong. He’s most amazing wrestler in the TNA and that crazy ego of his just inspires him to do better.

He looks incredibly goofy with his SWAG outfits and drinking apple martini, but his skill-set is simply extra-ordinary. He’s not featured in top matches in the TNA, though he deserves to. He’s one the best in the company though. Don’t miss any of his matches. You’re sure to be entertained a lot.

8. Mark Henry (42)

WrestleMania 25th Anniversary Press Conference

“Weighing 412 pounds, hailing from Silsbee, Texas, please welcome the World’s Strongest Man – Mark Henry!”

He’s seen it all. A 15-year long WWE career, three championships and innumerable victories. Mark Henry is a big guy, moves brutally and has some outstanding stamina. He beat Randy Orton in 2011, and after a much overdue wait, finally become the World Heavyweight Champion. He’s defended his title so many times and has proved yet again that he still is a force to be reckoned with.

7. The Big Show (41)

WWE Monday Night Raw In Las Vegas

He had to be included here! Admittedly he hasn’t been doing much, but boy-oh boy! This guy is a terror in the ring, or at least he was, once upon a time. Big Show is the 24th WWE Triple Crown Champion, the sixteenth Grand Slam Champion in WWE history, and the third wrestler (after Kurt Angle and Edge) to have held every currently active male championship in WWE. And that speaks volumes!

You put him a in ring with anyone and he’ll give everything he has to emerge victorious. He’s a bully, no denying that and he has a job until the day his body finally decides to give up.

6. Rob Van Dam (42)


Rob Van Dam is a household name; everyone’s heard of him but not many love him. He’s brash, he’s brutal, he makes a lot of mistakes but he takes loads of risk. He was TNA’s X Division Champion last year and one might say that he’s got the same flair he did in his ECW days.

He made his debut at the Money in Bank and despite not winning; he’s become one of the hottest properties in the WWE right now. He’s still it in him to win another championship and if he ends up facing Alberto Del Rio at the WWE SummerSlam, that’s one match you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world!

5. Sting (52)


He’s the oldest guy on the list and having wrestled only 13 times this year doesn’t exactly qualify him to be called a ‘full-time’ wrestler, but he’s 52! Cut the guy some slack!

He’s been with TNA for over 10 years and was the first member to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. A lot of people say that it’s time for him to hang up his boxing gloves, but we know otherwise. Put him in a ring and he’ll show you he can still fight. Like Ric Flair, it’s impossible to not imagine this guy being a part of the wrestling industry.

The only disappointment he’s had to face is that he’s never been a part of the WWE. He’s never challenged for the WWE Championship and it’s a little too late for him to do that now. However, he’ll still be around for a couple of more years. He is that good.

4. Kane (46)

Wrestling - WWE Smackdown At Plaza Monumental Monterrey

Classy, undervalued and not much appreciated, Kane still manages to be in the WWE ring every single week. I have a feeling, it’s his tag-team partner Daniel Bryan, who keeps him feeling young. Both of them make a stellar pair.

Kane’s been around for a while and at 46, he’s one of the best wrestlers in the WWE. What he was a couple of years ago and the way he is now – nothing much has changed in between. His move set and his chokeslam continue to look good and threatening (giving due credit to the mask and his music). If Sting’s still around at 52, Kane’s most definitely going to be there when he’s well into his fifties.

3. Kurt Angle (44)

WWE WrestleMania 21 "WrestleMania Goes Hollywood"

He may not be the best, he’s definitely better than most of the rest! All of his matches are extremely physically demanding and there’s been not once that he’s let us down. Think of TNA, and the first name that pops into your mind is Kurt Angle.

He’s the second person to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame and he’s nowhere close to retiring. Week after week, he gives his everything in the ring, and to think that he even competed in the Olympics with a broken neck in 1996! Kurt’s a TNA gem and he’s there’s no way in hell he’ll be hanging up his gloves any time soon!

2. Chris Jerico (42)

WrestleMania 25th Anniversary Press Conference

Classy defines him. He’s an elite wrestler and a definite future Hall of Famer. The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla, if it pleases you, is at his very best right now. The crowd loves him, so does the ring. He’s in good shape and just like wine, he’s going to get better with age.

He’s the member of an American heavy metal band ‘Fozzy’ and if it weren’t for that, we’d surely be able to see more of Y2J in the WWE. I’m going out on a limb and saying that there’ll never be a wrestler like him, ever again. He makes the ladies drool and The Walls of Jericho, which is one of his favourite finishing moves still helps win many matches by forcing the other opponents into submission.

1. The Undertaker (48)


Two decades in the WWE, a 21-0 undefeated streak at Wrestlemania and a never-give-up spirit – The Undertaker is 48-years old and WrestleMania 2014 might just be his last one.

He’s getting old and he may not stick around like some of the veterans – it’s always a mystery with The Deadman. He has a few matches left and the fans aren’t going to be willing to see him leave the ring this soon. He’s a phenomena – unparalleled and unmatched. His entry music still gives everyone the chills and when the lights go out, we know it’s going to be EPIC!

None of these guys can ever be replaced in the WWE. They’ve made their mark, created a niche for themselves and when they retire, they’re going to leave a void which will be very difficult to fill.

A couple of special mentions –

  1. Ric Flair (64) – This guy is a legend! He doesn’t wrestle that often, and I don’t quite think his body would be able to sustain the physical trauma. But he’s at 64, he’s still around. He doesn’t pass on a fight and he’s one of the best the WWE has ever seen.
  2. Shawn Michaels (48) – The Heart Break Kid and WWE’s only Sexy Boy! His entrance and the Sweet Chin Music – we’d wait to see that in every match. He stole all our hearts and there can be only one Mr. Wrestlemania.
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