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10 Most Entertaining Matches of Alicia Fox

Fazal Ahmad
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Fox was recently honored as a legend at RAW's reunion show for her contribution to the women's division, this past summer
Fox was recently honored as a legend at RAW's reunion show for her contribution to the women's division, this past summer

It would be wrong to say Alicia Fox had a lackluster career. She made her debut during one of the lowest times of the women's division and shined through the division with her in-ring presence during her initial years.

Fox was put into high profile feuds with women like Mickie James, Melina, Beth Phoenix, the Bella Twins, Paige and Nia Jax during her career. She won the Diva's Championship once in 2010, and was involved in matches with the likes of Lita, Trish Stratus, Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch.

Outside the ring, she was the first woman to appear in a WWE ring in China and the United Arab Emirates, was an ambassador for many of the company's charitable projects. She also starred in a few seasons on Total Divas as well as in movies and TV shows.

Fox performed in WWE as a diverse performer, never once complaining about roles she was put in, be it in non-wrestling roles or as enhancement talent. She was quite often the woman selected to give debuting women their first major on-screen opponent (such as Mandy Rose and Alexa Bliss).

Although with evidently enough talent and fuel in the tank to continue entertaining the fans, Fox's time with WWE seems to have come to an end, after her profile was very recently moved to the Alumni section. Fox was recently honoured as a legend at RAW's reunion show for her contribution to the women's division, this past summer. Having performed alongside the best, and seeing different generations of talent come and go, this marked a full-closure for her time with WWE.

In light of her seeming retirement from in-ring competition, here are a few of her most entertaining and underrated bouts in the WWE:

#10 Mickie James (c) vs. Alicia Fox: Hell In A Cell (2009)

Fox applying a choke-hold to James
Fox applying a choke-hold to James

In the summer of 2009, Fox's first big opportunity for Championship gold was against WWE veteran, Mickie James at the Hell In A Cell event. This was when the company began pushing Fox slowly for the first time as a potential threat. The 23 year old rookie showed some impressive moves against James, some which included a well executed Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker, and her soon-to become popular, Northern Lights Bridging Suplex. However, it wasn't Fox's wrestling that notably stood out, but her selling. She made Mickie look like a million bucks throughout the match and especially after eating her DDT, all just in a matter of five minutes.

This match was also a showcase of what these women could do in 5 minute matches allotted in a PPV of matches atleast triple the duration. They did they best they could in those given circumstances.


Fox has been reputed as one of the best sellers in the women's division. She always puts her opponents over, be it against stellar wrestlers such as Mickie James or inexperienced women like Eva Marie.

Although Fox went on to lose this particular bout, it was important for her career as it paved the way for her to receive a push and find luck with Championship gold the following year.

#9 Layla vs. Alicia Fox: Smackdown, 7 May

Foxy's most over-looked phase was her run on Smackdown from 2011-2012. After being drafted to Smackdown, Fox soon adopted a baby-face moveset. Leapfrogs, impressive single-leg dropkicks, Enzuigiris, sunset flips and a flip-leg drop finisher (dubbed Officer Nasty) were new moves added into her arsenal during this phase.

This match itself was extremely short, most notable for Layla breaking kayface to Fox's lithesome entrance and Fox selling Layla's finisher as if she got broken in half. Fox, now considered a veteran of the division threw in some solid elbows and showed ring presence. The two have had even better matches in 2013 on episodes of Superstars, when they were actually given more time in the ring.

However, Kharma's appearance post Fox's loss is what got everyone on their toes. Fox impressively tried to take Kharma on with an insulting kick to her back. She was just about getting ready for combat but got squashed like a bug in a few seconds. This was the first of many beat-downs by women of a larger size than hers.

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