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Top 5 WWE Rumors of the Week and Analysis : 18 June, 2016

Who does WWE see as the next Daniel Bryan? Who will win the MITB briefcase? Your questions answered...

Top 5 / Top 10 19 Jun 2016, 17:55 IST
Could there be a twist to come in John Cena’s week?

The rumors mill has been buzzing big time ahead of Money in the Bank and it is because of the pay-per-view itself that this weekly edition of top rumors and analysis is brought a day earlier than usual. The impact of Money in the Bank is going to be huge and the whole landscape of both the WWE and the rumor mill is going to take a shift.

Thus, most of the rumors in this edition should be considered as pre- Money in the Bank rumors, while there will be some that doesn't have this time constraint.

The latter category includes rumors about WWE bringing in a new array of talent for September and there are some exciting names. Apart from this, there were rumors about the potential twist that could happen at MITB and much more. So here are the top rumors and their analysis.

#5 WWE expected to have new set of recruits in September

Ibhushi to be booked strong

WWE is expected to have a new set of recruits to their performance center by this September and it could feature some of the talents that will be working in the Cruiserweight Classic. Moose, Roderick Strong, Kota Ibushi are some of the rumored names that could be involved in the recruits.

Ibushi, meanwhile, is expected to get a strong booking at the tournament and in turn hype his signing.

Another name that WWE is heavily interested in is Will Ospreay. However, as Will had a contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling, WWE failed in their attempts and is apparently pissed off about the same.  

Will’s contract still has two more years in it.

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