Triple H to bring AEW star back to WWE as the man to end Uncle Howdy? Potential return after 3 years explored

Triple H has brought back several superstars.
Triple H has brought back several superstars.

Uncle Howdy's return has been teased on various occasions during WWE's weekly shows, using a similar approach to the one used to reintroduce Bray Wyatt at Extreme Rules 2022, where the company utilized various QR codes. Recently, WWE has dropped QR codes during weekly shows that led to vague riddles, puzzles, images, and bizarre messages.

Now, if Uncle Howdy comes back, someone needs to take him on, especially considering the supernatural and dark elements that envelope Howdy's character. It so happens that the Stamford-based promotion has had a couple of such characters in the past, and one of them is former WWE Superstar Malakai Black.

He was known as Aleister Black in WWE and currently goes by the name Malakai Black in AEW. He was in a feud with Adam Copeland (formerly known as Edge), and the duo battled at Double or Nothing 2024. The stipulation was that if Copeland won, The House of Black would join Copeland; if Black won, Copeland would bend the knee. Considering Copeland defeated Aleister Black, it raises questions about Black's future.

Interestingly, Black's AEW contract was supposed to end in June, but the company added time for missed work. However, there has been no news of Black wanting to re-sign with AEW, but there are rumors that he hasn't been thrilled about his AEW booking for the past couple of years.

Back in the day, Black was supposed to have a feud with Bray Wyatt, but the story never took form. Triple H can pick up on that unfinished storyline and bring back Black to take on Uncle Howdy. Both characters are dark and have an aura of the supernatural about them, making them the perfect duo for a feud.

Black was released from WWE on June 2nd, 2021.

Uncle Howdy took his first victim at WWE King and Queen of the Ring

The WWE Universe believed that Howdy would return at King and Queen of the Ring since one of the QR codes led to a postal code in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. However, while that didn't happen, a QR code dropped during the premium live event at the Jeddah Super Dome led to a new revelation.

The QR code showed an unidentified man playing WWE 2K24 when he was startled by something. When he went to investigate, he was seemingly abducted by Uncle Howdy. The video ended with a quick flash of Howdy's face.


Finally, Howdy is rumored to return with the Wyatt 6 faction, and the other members are said to be Joe Gacy, Dexter Lumis, Nikki Cross, Erick Rowan, and the late Bray Wyatt as the sixth character.

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