When Alexa Bliss got legit heat from WWE star's wife after seemingly inappropriate act with her husband

Former WWE RAW Women
Former WWE RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss

In 2021, Randy Orton had a heated feud with The Fiend Bray Wyatt and his partner at the time Alexa Bliss. At WWE Fastlane that same year, The Viper went head-to-head against Bliss. The match ended with Bliss' victory after receiving help from Wyatt.

Following the match, the former RAW Women's Champion found herself in trouble with Orton's wife, Kim, who called her out for straddling her husband as she pinned him.

"@AlexaBliss_WWE you might've just f**ked up little girl," Kim tweeted.

Several reports at the time suggested that Orton's wife was legitimately unhappy with Bliss' seemingly inappropriate act with her husband. Some even stated Orton himself got heat from Kim after the bout.

The Viper later responded to his wife's tweet, stating that she apparently does not care for Bliss.

"Apparently my wife doesn't care too much for @AlexaBliss_WWE Maybe @souljaboy should tell her it's fake?" he wrote.

However, he later deleted his tweet, which led many to speculate that Kim was unhappy with it too.

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WWE star Alexa Bliss is currently married to musician Ryan Cabrera

After meeting at a WWE event, Randy Orton and Kim Kessler tied the knot in 2015. The couple are now raising five children together. Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss has been in a relationship with musician Ryan Cabrera since 2020.

Bliss and Cabrera dated for a few months before announcing their engagement in November 2020. Last April, the couple married in Palm Desert, California. Although the former RAW Women's Champion initially did not want a big wedding, her husband convinced her to have one.

"Ryan, as soon as we got engaged, he knows I just don't like a lot of attention so I was like 'I don't want a big wedding. I'm good with just small something but he's been dreaming of this day his entire life, right. Everyone knew this is Ryan's day, like this is the day he's getting married so it's gonna be so fun an so crazy so I told him I was like 'okay, I'll have the big wedding but you have to plan it'," she told Ryan Satin. [From 8:36 - 9:07]

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