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10 Most shocking title changes that happened on Raw

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The weekly flagship show of WWE is known for a lot of memorable moments. Week in and week out, the WWE Universe tunes into Monday Night Raw with the expectation of seeing some awesome angle happen. And the string of these awesome moments also includes title changes. Although Raw has not been a place of major title changes in the recent history, the past has a different story to tell.

There have been a lot of title changes in the Raw throughout its history which were coated in the perfect flavor of shock value. We might get to see similar changes in the future as well but before that, here is a look at the times when it did happen :

Gillberg surprises everyone


Gillberg was WWE’s idea of making a parody of Goldberg. And no one blamed the company for doing so because it was during the Monday Night Wars and anything that went down had its reasons. WWE built up Gillberg exactly opposite to Goldberg and he was practically a jobber who struggled to win a match.

Gillberg however surprised everyone on Raw when he defeated Christian to become the Light Heavyweight Champion. And if that was not enough, Gillberg went on to hold the championship for 453 days, which also set a new record. So much for being a parody gimmick right? Too bad WWE did not do the same with Mizdow.

Bret Hart has one last run

Bret Hart

Bret Hart’s WWE career should have ended with Montreal Screwjob. He left the company as a fallen hero and it should have stayed that way. However, Hart came back for one final run which made most of his fans cringe. He had this forgettable WrestleMania match with Vince McMahon at one point and to make matters worse, WWE decided to make him the United States Champion as well.

The title change happened back in 2010 and it was Miz that had to job for the legendary Bret. The title change happened in Canada and it also gave Bret Hart the record for holding the championship for the most number of times.

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