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5 Greatest Women Heels of All Time

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Two of the greatest during the Attitude Era

In wrestling terminology, a heel is a villain, a ‘bad person’, a character that is supposed to be loathed in every sense of the word.  Over the years it has become more and more difficult to have a character that makes the audience completely despise them. In an age where ambiguous characters are the status quo it is quite difficult to really have a textbook babyface or heel.

The Women's Division have had its share of trailblazing, amazing performers who were successful in making the audience loathe every sense of their being. Be it being a femme fatal or an authoritarian figure, they have made for some compelling characters.

Here’s a list of five of the greatest female villains of all time-

#5 Fabulous Moolah

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The Fabulous Moolah was a heel for the most part of her reign

No list of the greatest women performers in WWE is complete without Fabulous Moolah and her historic reign but many quite simply forget that she was one of the most original dirtiest player in the game. She won the Women’s Championship is 1956 and held it for 28 years.

You don’t go 28 years with a title without its share of controversies.

The historic accomplishment has a very fair share of unfair tactics used throughout that make Moolah one of the greatest heels that ever lived. She was also part of the most interesting storyline of the 80s called the ‘Rock N Wrestling Connection’. Moolah played the heel and made life hell for Wendi Richter. Richter’s eventual victory over Moolah was hence that much sweet.

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