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5 Reasons why Kevin Owens should win the Money in the Bank

Kevin Owens is the most promising talent that is emerging in WWE right now.

The best choice

The Money in the Bank briefcase is something that all the superstar stars out there wants to hold. It is their ticket to get into the WWE championship picture and at the same time, all the hype surrounding the cash in is going to take the winner’s career to the next level.

Over the years, superstars like Edge, Seth Rollins, and many others have reaped the benefits of this and this year, seven superstars will be looking to continue the legacy. WWE has some interesting names in the match this year, but among the lot, Kevin Owens is apparently the most fitting person to walk out with the win. Here are the reasons why.

The next step for Kevin Owens

He needs a bigger step

During the past one year, Kevin Owens has achieved a lot in the main roster. He came in with a feud against none other than John Cena and then went on to have a reign as the Intercontinental title reign. So in short, Kevin Owens has done almost everything he could do in the mid card. For a superstar of his talent, the next obvious step for Owens is to head into the main event.

And for that, he needs a bridge and the Money in the Bank briefcase acts just fine. Owens will be able to make the jump into the main event scene with the help of the briefcase and it is the right direction for his career as well rather than staying around in the mid-card.

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