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5 unique matches that were made for PPVs

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Will this Extreme Rules be Extreme?

”The following match is scheduled for one fall.....” doesn’t really excite you every time , does it? That’s why there are matches with unique and exciting stipulations to keep you on the edge of your seat. Matches like these were made especially for WWE Pay Per Views. However, matches like Hell in a Cell, Steel Cage and even Casket Match have happened on the weekly episodes. 

Everybody loves watching matches with unique stipulations. These slobber-knockers can only feature in PPV. With the Asylum Match at Extreme Rules coming up, check out these special matches that were made for PPVs.

#1 Money in the Bank 

This is the platform in which WWE identifies the next top star

Ladder match rules apply. There’s just one difference, instead of the title, a briefcase is hung. The winner of the match can “cash in” his briefcase at any moment, at any show for a shot at the title. The first Money in the Bank match took place at WrestleMania 21, in 2005.

Apparently, the match was the brainchild of Chris Jericho, who pitched it to Eric Bishcoff. the participants of the first ever MITB match were –  Chris Jericho, Christian, Chris Benoit, Edge, Kane, and Shelton Benjamin. Edge climbed the ladder and grabbed and briefcase. 

The next MITB was held at the next WrestleMania after series of qualifying matches on both RAW and SmackDown. This time. Rob Van Dam emerged victorious. The next MITB match, which was held at WrestleMania 23 in continuance with the tradition, saw participation from the ECW brand as well. Mr. Kennedy clinched the contract this time.

This tradition continued until 2010, which saw three MITB matches, one at WrestleMania XXVI and two, the very first Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View, 

Since then, MITB matches have been held at it’s namesake PPV. 

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