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WWE Firefly Fun House: 5 Biggest secrets from Bray Wyatt's segment explained

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Firefly Fun House explained
Firefly Fun House explained

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For weeks now, Bray Wyatt's 'Firefly Fun House' vignettes have drawn tremendous amounts of attention from pro-wrestling fans all over social media.

Bray Wyatt has created a universe where the key answers to the most important questions are all hidden in cryptic clues or in plain sight instead. What is the meaning behind Firefly Fun House? What happened to Bray Wyatt? Why is all of this happening in the first place?

There are numerous fan theories being posted all across social media regarding this topic, but there is one particular theory that stands out from the rest.

The latest episode (and possibly the last one) of Firefly Fun House (Fear is Power in the "Firefly Fun House") has revealed its biggest and darkest secret yet, and we might finally have an answer to the biggest mystery regarding these vignettes.

#5 The Biggest Secret: It all takes place inside Bray Wyatt's head

The real Bray Wyatt might have been inside an abandoned mental facility this whole time
The real Bray Wyatt might have been inside an abandoned mental facility this whole time

As you can see above, the screenshots from the latest episode of Firefly Fun House represent an abandoned mental facility.

These pictures hint towards a very likely possibility that the real Bray Wyatt is somewhere inside this abandoned asylum. In further slides, we will explore the reasons behind why he ended up there in the first place, but as of right now, it is important that we establish this as a fact which was hinted at in previous Firefly Fun House episodes as well.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter was actually pretty close to the real answer quite early on, as a PTSD therapist had reached out to him to confirm that many of the references being used in these segments actually stem from PTSD therapy in the first place.


The therapist believed that Wyatt was being haunted by a tragic past while still being reformed to some extent.

We will take a look at some more examples regarding this explanation in the next few slides.

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