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WWE RAW: 5 Things Bray Wyatt secretly told us with the Firefly Fun House feat. Vince McMahon

Riju Dasgupta
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:19 IST

This was one of the best things about WWE RAW
This was one of the best things about WWE RAW

As you guys know if you follow my articles, the Firefly Fun House is my favorite thing not merely in WWE but in all of pro wrestling. And this is because this is one of the few things in the company that seems like it does not have the ugly stamp of WWE Creative ruining it.

We've known Bray Wyatt as a devious, evil, and sadistic individual in his previous run as the Eater of Worlds. And now, his character is far more complex and if I may be so blunt, a hundred times more interesting than his former avatar.

As is the case with a lot of Bray Wyatt's segments, you have to read between the lines to make sense of everything. Bear in mind that Bray Wyatt said that this was a special episode of the Firefly Fun House, so he wanted us to pay close attention.

And of course, the segment was special because of the cameo from the boss.

#5 Huskus The Pig Boy is Husky Harris

Bray Wyatt wasn't always the Eater of Worlds. Once upon a time, he was known as Husky Harris, a character that Bray Wyatt has claimed many a time did not truly represent and reflect who he was. And before he was the 'eater of worlds', he was the eater of...well, food!

Through this segment, Wyatt revealed that Husky Harris wasn't in shape and that he would not take care of himself and his health, gorging on things like chocolate. As we all know, WWE Superstars have to maintain a stringent diet and not go overboard with things like sweets.

This was a nice throwback character much like Abby The Witch and Mercy the Buzzard. All elements that brought us to the Firefly Fun House today!

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Published 04 Jun 2019, 10:06 IST
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