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WWE History: 4 superstars who made huge sacrifices for the company

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Edge shaving Angle bald
Edge shaving Angle bald

Ever since professional wrestling came into being, the pre-determined sport has wowed generations upon generations of fans. When Vince McMahon bought WWE from his father, the world of wrestling changed forever.

Vince went on to take over the entire wrestling business in North America, buying off a number of territories in the process. Today, WWE has become a global phenomenon, thanks to McMahon's vision and sacrifices.

But Vince wasn't the only one who made huge sacrifices for WWE. There have been countless Superstars who made major sacrifices for the sake of WWE and Vince McMahon. Let's take a look at four of these Superstars.

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#4 Bret Hart

Hart's loyalty led to this disaster
Hart's loyalty led to this disaster

In October 1996, Eric Bischoff offered a ridiculously lucrative contract to Bret Hart, whose WWE contract was on the verge of expiring. WCW offered Hart an astronomical amount of US$9 million!

Hart, being the ever-loyal wrestler, who also had a lot of respect for Vince McMahon, opted to decline the contract, and sign a 20-year deal with WWE. Later on, Vince McMahon told Bret that WWE was in a financial crunch, stemming from WCW's popularity. Vince encouraged Bret to go ahead and accept the contract that Bischoff was offering.

A reluctant Hart ended up going to WCW, but not before getting involved in one of the most controversial events in the history of professional wrestling, The Montreal Screwjob. Bret went to WCW, for a reduced amount. His career came to an end years later when he suffered an injury in a match with Goldberg.


Had Hart accepted Bischoff's original offer, things would have gone different for The Canadian Hero, and the Montreal Screwjob would never have happened. Bret's loyalty to Vince McMahon forced him to refuse Bischoff's original offer, which turned out to be a huge mistake on Bret's part.

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