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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: 25 May, 2015

WWE will make their last major stop before Elimination Chamber on Monday.

Preview 25 May 2015, 12:48 IST

WWE will make their last major stop before Elimination Chamber on Monday. Even though they had limited time to build up the pay-per-view, the creative team has done a great job so far and they could either make it or break it with the latest edition of Monday night Raw.

Despite the strong lineup of matches they have right now for the chamber, there is still a lot of work to be done. Having Money in the Bank just two weeks after the Elimination Chamber will also be a major headache while booking the show and here is a look at the possible angles that WWE could come up with in the latest edition of Monday Night Raw.

Paige back in the mix

Paige made her return last week

Paige return was one of the highlights of last week. The Brit came right back into the Divas Championship scenario with her return and has got herself a title shot at Elimination Chamber. From what we saw last week, the break apparently took some momentum away from Paige and she will be looking to build it up this week.

One another thing that WWE should clear is the alignments. They are currently treating the Bellas as baby faces and Paige was showing some shades of being a heel last time around. All these mess needs to be sorted out this week on Raw it they are really going to come up with a  great match at Chamber.

Lana and Ziggler raising the temperature

Lana and Ziggler will raise the temperature this week

Lana and Dolph Ziggler were seen raising the mercury last week when they kissed twice in the WWE ring. The pairing of the duo has really attracted a lot of interest and the way in which WWE pushes this forward will decide the faith of both the superstars.

Ziggler is currently booked for the Intercontinental Championship match at Elimination Chamber alongside Rusev and this factor has a lot of potential in it. We might get to see a match between Ziggler and Rusev this week and if it happens, then Lana will have a big stage to make her intentions clear. Either way, Ziggler and Lana could raise the temperature pretty high this Monday.  

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