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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview : 4 July, 2016

What can we expect from this week's edition of Monday Night Raw?

News 04 Jul 2016, 15:58 IST
Cena has a score to settle

July the 4th might be a special day for the United States, but as far as wrestling fans are concerned, it is yet another day where they will get to see WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Unlike the recent episodes, expect WWE to bring out some patriotic stuff this time around considering that they will be delivering the show on Independence Day.

This, however, is a bad thing for them also, as the viewership for the show is likely to get a huge hit. Despite this risk, WWE is keeping their best foot forward to make sure that they are putting together a strong show. Here are some of the things you could expect from the show.

Another Champion vs. Champion match

The Miz has grown into his shoes as Intercontinental Champion

Dean Ambrose is the reigning WWE champion and is all set to face off against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the championship at Battleground. Thanks to the absence of Reigns, WWE covered the whole scenario with AJ Styles and John Cena last time around.

But this time around, they are going with The Miz, who crossed paths with Ambrose in SmackDown recently and produced an entertaining segment.

They even had a match at the show and WWE is all set to replicate this on Monday Night Raw. The Champion vs. Champion dynamic has a ring to it, but Ambrose perhaps deserves better booking as a champion.

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