WWE needs to bring back 35-year-old superstar as his twin brother

A missing superstar needs to return to the company.
A missing superstar needs to return to the company

WWE should consider bringing back a veteran as his twin brother to entertain the masses.

Elias was last seen on WWE RAW during the Battle Royale to determine Gunther's opponent at Night of Champions for the Intercontinental Championship. Mustafa Ali emerged victorious in the Battle Royale but was no match for The Ring General at the premium live event in Saudi Arabia. Both Mustafa Ali and Elias went undrafted this year and are labeled as "free agents".

Following WrestleMania 38, a clean-shaven superstar made his shocking debut. He confronted Kevin Owens after he lost to Stone Cold Steve Austin at WWE's biggest show of the year. The superstar looked exactly like Elias if had shaved his face and introduced himself as Ezekiel and Owens was in disbelief.

He claimed to be Elias' younger brother, even though they looked exactly alike and the resemblance would only make sense if the two were twins. Elias' musical gimmick had grown stale and introducing a ridiculous character such as his "younger brother" was a great way to freshen things up.

However, both superstars are absent from WWE television at the moment and their presence is greatly missed. If the company were to consider bringing the 35-year-old back to television, it would be more entertaining if he were to come back as Ezekiel instead of The Drifter. Owens gets very irritable as of late and could potentially lose his mind if Elias' younger brother were to return.


Ezekiel removed from WWE's internal roster

Elias' younger brother's time on the main roster was very short but the memories will last a lifetime.

The character was written off of television via an "injury" suffered during the rivalry against Kevin last year. PW Insider reported last September that the character was no longer listed on the internal roster and will likely fade into darkness following Elias' return.

"Ezekiel is no longer listed internally on the WWE's roster, PWInsider.com has confirmed. The character was replaced last week with his original persona, Ezekiel's 'older brother' Elias. It would appear that, as many of you have suspected, that when the time comes, the Elias character will be returning to the Raw roster while Ezekiel, who was written out due to 'injuries', will fade into the darkness," said the report.

Several underutilized superstars on the main roster have shown up in NXT lately to provide experience to younger superstars. It will be interesting if either supertar return to TV soon, or if fans are finally treated to the debut of the other brother in the family, Elrod.

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