WWE News - Mysterious hacker sends a warning to entire SmackDown roster

The hacker has targeted the entire roster of SmackDown.
The hacker has targeted the entire roster of SmackDown.

The mysterious SmackDown hacker is at it again. During the Money in the Bank qualifying match between Daniel Bryan and Cesaro, the figure appeared again to send an ominous warning to the rest of the SmackDown roster. It appeared to target the various groups of friends on the Blue brand and promised that some keep their friends close and others keep their enemies closer.

Another intriguing revelation on the way?

Prior to WrestleMania, a mysterious message appeared during episodes of SmackDown promising that "the truth will be heard." That truth ended up being that Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler were in cahoots to sabotage the Valentine's Day date between Mandy Rose and Otis. The friendship between those two women is officially over after Deville chided Rose for their entire time as Fire and Desire on the same episode.

The latest message targeted the entire roster of SmackDown but primarily those of friends. A video package showcased the duos of Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, Big E and Kofi Kingston, the Miz and John Morrison, the Usos and Bayley and her best friend, Sasha Banks.

Are we going to see more backstabbing on tape in the coming weeks? Which pair seems like the most likely to have had one member talk behind the other's back? It stands to reason that future revelations from this mysterious figure will factor into possible SummerSlam feuds.

Edited by Alan John
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