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WWE Live Event Manila Results 9 September, 2016

An unfortunate incident happened in the match between Cena and Big Show. All the results from the Live Event in Manila.

Roman Reigns reigned supreme

WWE was live from the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines and a number of Superstars entertained the crowd with their high-flying moves and charisma. Here are the results from the WWE Live Event in Manila.

#1 Sheamus vs. Cesaro

The night kicked off with Cesaro beating Sheamus

The two, who are currently in the midst of a Best of 7 series for a shot at the WWE World Championship, were seen pitted against each other in an inconsequential match and The Swiss Superman got the better of the Celtic Warrior to gain further momentum ahead of their next match. Cesaro locked Sheamus in a Sharpshooter to win the match.

Before the sharpshooter, Cesaro evaded a Brogue Kick from his opponent and instead engaged him in a Cesaro Swing that lasted over 10 rounds.

Cesaro received a huge pop from the crowd and definitely has the momentum, even if the odds are against him, in the best of 7 series. The Swiss currently trails 3-1 after losing all 3 of his opening matches.

Result: Cesaro beats Sheamus via submission

#2 Braun Strowman vs. Goldust

Strowman has recently been seen involved in a series of squash matches and the first WWE Star that he was pitted against was Sin Cara at last week’s Raw. He was seen competing against Goldust and the Brute secured the victory in a slow paced match after locking Goldust in the beat hug, which resulted in his opponent passing out.

Result: Braun Strowman beats Goldust via submission

#3 Curtis Axel vs. Neville

Neville and Curtis Axel were seen competing with Neville getting the better of the former Intercontinental Champion after nailing the Red Arrow.

Neville smartly moved to safety when Axel went up top and allowed his opponent to his his good friend, Bo Dallas, who was standing on the ring apron. He then expertly hit the Enzuigiri before delivering the Red Arrow for the win. The crowd went wild after Neville beat Curtis Axel.

Result: Neville defeats Curtis Axel by pinfall

#4 The New Day vs. The Shining Stars vs. The Club

The New Day registerd yet another win

The Shining Stars had defeated Enzo and Cass out of the blue earlier this week on Raw, but failed to maintain their momentum. The Club had lined up Big E for their finisher – The Magic Killer – but he evaded it and fooled Gallows into booting his own teammate. He then clotheslined Gallows out of the ring, before nailing the Midnight Express on Anderson for the pin.

 The New Day reigned supreme and received a huge pop from the crowd. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are still struggling to get their hands on the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Result: The New Day beat The Shining Stars and The Club via pinfall

#5 Big Show vs. John Cena

Big Show snapped one of the ring ropes

WWE Superstar John Cena, who is currently on a hiatus from WWE TV due to the filming of season 2 of American Grit, appeared in the WWE Live event in Manila and was pitted against none other than the Big Show.

Show dominated the proceedings at the start and was seen working on the lower back of Cena. However, just when Show ascended the turnbuckle to hit the 15-time World Champion with a splash, the second rope snapped providing Cena with the opportunity to make a comeback.

And the Cenation leader duly capitalized and gained momentum before nailing the Attitude Adjustment on Big Show to pin him for the victory.

Cena had received mix response from the Philippines crowd, who also taunted him with chants of 'AJ Styles'.

Result: John Cena beat Big Show by pinfall

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