WWE News Roundup: Iconic superstar's career allegedly finished, Details on legend having heat with Vince McMahon, Edge gets mocked by former world champion 

Randy Orton/Edge beaten up by Finn Balor
Randy Orton/Edge beaten up by Finn Balor
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Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE News Roundup, where we try and bring the biggest news stories and updates from the world of sports entertainment. In today's edition, we will take a look at some interesting stories revolving around big names like Edge, Finn Balor, and Randy Orton.

Former WWE Champion Edge was betrayed by his stable members Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley when they attacked him and aligned with Finn Balor. Edge started The Judgement Day faction and was helping the two superstars but was ultimately stabbed in the back. Let's take a look at what The Prince had to say to The Rated R Superstar after one-upping him:

3) Finn Balor mocks Edge after beating him up

Who’s smiling now?

In a shocking turn of events, Finn Balor turned heel and joined Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley in a brutal beatdown of Edge. After the show, he mocked The Rated R Superstar, asking, 'Who's smiling now?' on Twitter. Balor had been feuding with The Judgement Day up until Hell in a cell.

Balor, along with AJ Styles and Liv Morgan, faced Priest, Ripley and Edge at Sunday's premium live event and lost. It came as a surprise when The Prince embraced his dark side and joined The Judgement Day on RAW. However, he decided to overthrow the Hall of Famer and kicked him out of his own group.

2) Raven talks about his heat with Vince McMahon in WWE

Legendary superstar Raven spoke to Soundsphere about his time in WWE. Raven was a top card superstar in companies like WCW, TNA, and ECW but wasn't pushed in WWE. Upon being asked why that was, he revealed that he had heat with Chairman Vince McMahon.

''I had heat with [Vince] McMahon, long story and so I never really got what I felt was the push I deserved in that company and… so no, I didn’t get to do everything I wanted, but what I did do, I felt the work I did in ECW will stand up against anybody’s work any time, anywhere, ever,'' said Raven

The former ECW star believes that his work in the Extreme promotion holds up as one of the best ever. Be it work-rate wise or storyline wise. Raven was a part of WWE from 2000 till 2003 but didn't achieve much.

1) The Miz alleges that Randy Orton's career is over

I stand by this statement 🗣…

This week on RAW, The Miz invited Riddle as his special guest on Miz TV. During their segment, Miz stated that the career of Riddle's tag team partner Randy Orton is over. He doubled down on his statement on Twitter, saying that The Viper is done as a WWE Superstar.

Orton was brutally attacked by The Bloodline on SmackDown a few weeks back. Riddle revealed that he was already dealing with a bad back, and the attack by Roman Reigns and The Usos further aggravated his condition. The iconic star has been absent since then, and there is no word on if and when he will return.

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