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WWE News: Summer Rae responds to alleged private video leak

Summer Rae immediately shot down alleged leaks.

News 19 Mar 2017, 16:49 IST
Summer Rae has not been in action for nearly a year now

What’s the story?

After Paige’s private photos and videos were leaked setting the wrestling world ablaze, Summer Rae was allegedly the next victim in the leak row. However, she was quick to shoot these down, albeit indirectly.

In case you didn’t know...

Paige’s private pictures and videos were leaked without her consent a couple of days back and went viral instantly. The unfortunate part of all this is that Paige’s reputation has been tainted and her career is in jeopardy. 

Brad Maddox, the former WWE Superstar who was involved in multiple videos of Paige that were leaked, has deleted all his social media accounts following this row, while Xavier Woods, the other WWE superstar involved, put out a tweet but took it down instantaneously. 

Paige’s private photos leaking were part of a series involving other celebrities from Hollywood. 

The heart of the matter

The screenshot of the said video, which allegedly featured Summer Rae was proven to be a random video from an adult entertainment website. From the look of things, Summer may not be at risk, however, some online users on 4Chan and Reddit (where Paige’s photos were leaked) claim to have private pictures of her, Maryse, Victoria, and a few more WWE female Superstars of past and present. 

At the moment, the threats are still baseless until proven otherwise. 

What’s next?

Summer Rae will focus on her recovery and look to come back to WWE as early as possible. She has been out of action for a while now, and even before her injury was barely featured.

She was rumoured to be feuding with Sasha Banks post-WrestleMania last year, but those plans were nixed after Banks faced an injury that kept her out for upward a month. 

With the “Women’s Revolution” post-WrestleMania, there could perhaps have been a spot for her. However, the RAW roster could use all the help it gets in the women’s division, so Rae would be a valuable addition.

Author’s take

Hopefully, there are no more leaks that come out and tarnish the careers of Superstars. Summer Rae is an underutilised talent who deserves a good spot on the roster and can prove several people wrong with her skills. 

For now, it is good that the alleged leak was proven to be wrong.

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