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WWE RAW: 5 Reasons why Drew McIntyre was revealed as the final member of Team Flair 

Riju Dasgupta
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22 Oct 2019, 10:54 IST

McIntyre made his big return to WWE RAW this week
McIntyre made his big return to WWE RAW this week

At Crown Jewel, Team Hogan will take on Team Flair in what should be a fantastic match, between 5 babyfaces led by Hulk Hogan and 5 heels led by Ric Flair. We knew who the members of Team Hogan were already, but now we know the members of Team Flair too.

RAW opened this week with the towering Drew McIntyre showing up to proclaim that he was the fifth and final member of Team Flair, taking on Ricochet in a preview. The two men would put on a match for the ages, with Drew McIntyre coming out on top in this particular encounter.

So, why was Drew McIntyre chosen ahead of other contenders like say, AJ Styles? The answer is quite obvious, but I'll still, spell it out with 5 hard-hitting points.

At the same time, I invite you to leave your thoughts and comments in the section below.

#5 To return from injury without losing momentum

Drew McIntyre made a very inauspicious exit before he took time off to deal with his health issues if you guys remember. Many touted him to be the winner of the King of the Ring tournament, but he was eliminated in the very first round, to the surprise of everyone. He was showcased as Shane McMahon's right-hand man for most of his stint since WrestleMania, and with McMahon gone, he needed to find a new gig and a new gimmick.

Drew McIntyre is a big scary guy, but let's be honest. A lot of people in the WWE roster are big scary guys. To differentiate him from the pack, he needed to come back in a prominent role.

Getting the rub from the greatest of all time is never a bad thing. The validation from Flair goes a long way.

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