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WWE RAW: 5 Reasons why Randy Orton faked his injury - Upcoming match with Hall of Famer?

Riju Dasgupta
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Modified 31 Dec 2019, 09:49 IST

The Viper came out in crutches this week on RAW
The Viper came out in crutches this week on RAW

Not very long ago, it came to light that Randy Orton had suffered an injury at a WWE Live Event. And then, rumors began to arise that the injury was, in fact, a work.

This week on WWE RAW, he came out in crutches, as the crowd chanted his name and delivered the bewildering news that he may never wrestle again. And then AJ Styles came out to mock him, doing a spectacular job as a heel.

But when Styles was about to leave the ring, Orton called him back and delivered an RKO, proving that his injury was staged. Why was this whole storyline carried out on RAW?

I can think of 5 interesting reasons for the same, and you can also weigh in on them in the comments below.

#5 To prove that he's not a 'pure' babyface as many had assumed

Randy Orton is one of the greatest heels in the history of the business. And lately, he's been showcasing a babyface side, which is natural because he's one of the most naturally gifted WWE Superstars and hence, has the respect of the WWE Universe. In my personal opinion at least, he's a much better heel than he is a babyface.

This is why I love the fact that he's not a pure white-hot babyface but instead is a babyface who has shades of gray in his persona. John Cena would, for example, never work the crowd and make them believe that he was quitting only to get one over his heel opponent, I do believe.

In fact, I have a feeling that Randy Orton may be turning heel in due course of time and the reason for the same may be the following point that I will outline here.

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Published 31 Dec 2019, 09:49 IST
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