WWE RAW: 5 WWE Superstars who could be the special guest referee for Rollins vs. Corbin 

  • Could an unexpected Superstar become the guest referee for the match?
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One of these five individuals could seriously influence the match!
One of these five individuals could seriously influence the match!

Special Guest Referees are always added to a match for a reason. They are either beloved babyfaces who will call the match down the middle to prevent interference or despised heels who'll throw the match off the tracks to advance the storyline in a certain manner.

Because Baron Corbin will get to pick who the special guest referee will be for this particular match at WWE Stomping Grounds, one has to assume that it will be the latter in this particular case. And because of the same reason, I'll try and identify five such individuals for you.

Let me know your thoughts and comments in the section right below. Who do you think the special guest referee will be?

I want to hear your thoughts and the reason why you've chosen the person.

#5 Brock Lesnar

Of course, we all think and believe that Brock Lesnar is going to be the special guest referee at WWE Stomping Grounds. As mentioned by Alfred Konuwa in the live video that went up on the Sportskeeda Facebook page shortly after RAW concluded, the very fact that they're making such a big deal out of it pretty much rules Lesnar out, which is why he's so low in the list.

Then again, one cannot dispute the fact that he's the ideal candidate for such a spot and such a role. This is because he has the change to become the maestro who can lead the symphony of the match in any direction that he wants to. And when the situation is rife, he cashes in and becomes the Universal Champion.

Only, I don't know if Baron Corbin will want someone like Lesnar officiating his match. From a logical standpoint, he wouldn't want a potential threat in the same ring.

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Published 11 Jun 2019, 10:31 IST
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