WWE RAW Reunion Results July 22nd, 2019: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Monday Night RAW

It was an epic night on the Red Brand
It was an epic night on the Red Brand

John Cena kicked off the RAW Reunion special and gave a heartfelt introduction for what was to come. He said he felt like he was home and was as excited to be in the ring now as he was on day one.

The Usos came out to greet him and challenged Cena to a rap battle who was about to walk out. The Usos called him out for leaving WWE for Hollywood and Cena came back to drop a couple of bars. Just as he was about to walk out again, the Usos' father, Rikishi came out to the ring.

Rikishi told Cena to back it up and return to the ring, which he did. Rikishi was about to break into a dance when The Revival came out with Devon Dudley as their backup. The Usos and the Revival were about to start their match with the Rikishi and Devon supporting either team when we saw Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart backstage. Booker T joined the commentary team as we headed to the match.

The Revival vs. The Usos

Dawson was in the ring as the match started and the Usos were taking a beating early on. Wilder came in and locked in a submission but Jey dropped him quick. Jimmy and Wilder were legal when the Usos took back control with a Samoan Drop and then a crossbody but Dawson saved his partner at the last moment.

Dawson and Dash hit a double team on Jimmy and Jey broke the following pin. Devon and Rikishi met outside and Dawson was distracted by the confrontation. The Usos hit a Superkick and then teamed up to finsih the match by pinning the champs.

Result: The Usos def. The Revival

Match rating: A

Alicia Fox was backstage talking to Dana Brooke and Kaitlyn when Torrie Wilson and Santino Marella showed up. Drew McIntyre was passing by and made a snarky remark about the legends as he headed to the ring.

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R-Truth was backstage in an interview when Drake Maverick's wife came out and helped Drake defeat him for the 24/7 title. Drake Maverick is the new 24/7 Champion. The Godfather made a small cameo as the chaos ended and Charly Caruso was hyped as well as the rest of the crowd.

Drew McIntyre was out next and attacked Cedric Alexander as he was making his entrance. Drew hit the inverted Alabama slam onto the apron and decimated him before the match even started.

Drake Maverick was in the locker and there were worms on the floor as the Boogeyman showed up and freaked out Drake who fell over, only to be pinned by Pat Patterson with just one foot, who became the new 24/7 Champ.

Christian joined the commentary team next and Lilian Garcia was back to announce next match which was between the Viking Raider and Zack Ryder & Heath Slater.

The Viking Raiders vs. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins

Ivar was manhandling Ryder as the match began. He tags Erik in and the dominance continued. The Viking's first pinfall failed after a huge splash and Slater broke the pin. Ryder tagged Hawkins in and Ivar used Erik as a weapon against Hawkins. Ivar hit a suicide dive and The Viking Experience stole the win.

Result: The Viking Raiders def. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins

Match rating: C

Backstage, Mike Kanellis was talking to Eve Torres and Eric Bischoff when Maria came and interrupted them. She slammed her husband for no reason and Bischoff invited her to SmackDown. After Maria's rant was over, Ron Simmons took Jimmy Hart's megaphone and said "DAMN!"

AJ Styles was talking to Gallows & Anderson and they now are now calling themselves "The OC" (The Only Club).

Jerry Briscoe, at the age of 72, took out Pat Patterson backstage and took the 24/7 Title before Kelly Kelly hit him with a low blow out of nowhere and became the new 24/7 champ.

Samoa Joe was out and said that things like this reunion show were what was wrong with the WWE. He insulted the legends who showed up before Roman Reigns came out. Roman dared him to say it to his face and the two broke into a big brawl. Roman hit a big Superman punch, sending Joe out of the ring and Joe teased a match but said he wasn't gonna do anything for the crowd. Roman taunted him into agreeing after all and the match was next.

Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe

Reigns came in all guns blazing but Joe overpowered him quick. Joe took Roman out with a big dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Joe hit a big senton and got a two-count. Roman got control back and was starting to break Joe down as the match progressed. Reigns managed to hit a devastating spear and get the three count, proving that he was the stronger Samoan in the ring.

Result: Roman Reigns def. Samoa Joe

Match rating: A

The Miz was out for a very special episode of Miz TV and the special guest for the night was Seth Rollins. We got a recap of how Rollins lost his title and the following week when Rollins won a rematch. Rollins made fun of Brock and the way he looked, calling him a "Godzilla looking b*stard" and a "Seth Rollins wannabe". Paul Heyman showed up on the Titantron and disputed Rollins' claims. Rollins threatened Heyman and made him run for his life before Rollins vowed to beat Lesnar at SummerSlam for the title.

Sami Zayn was backstage, insulting the legends and Rey Mysterio was there to defend them. Kurt Angle joined them and adviced them to settle it in the ring.

Still backstage, Candice Michelle defeated Kelly Kelly to win the 14-7 Title and we learned that Melina was now a referee. Alundra Blayze came in and claimed the title next by choking out Candice and forcing her to submit.

Sami Zayn vs. Rey Mysterio

Jonathan Coachman joined the commentators as the match began. Sami went for an early pin attempt but Rey kicked out. Rey countered with a big move and set up for the 619. Sami ran away from the ring and was about to leave the match when Rob Van Dam and Sgt. Slaughter came out, as well as the Hurricane and Kurt Angle. Sami ran back to the ring and Mysterio hit the 619 and then a Five Star Frog Splash, paying tribute to RVD.

Result: Rey Mysterio def. Sami Zayn

Match rating: B

The Street Profits were backstage and one of them was hanging out with RVD and a bunch of other Superstars in the bathroom.

Alundra Blayze was out to throw her 24/7 Title in the trash and the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase bought it from her instead. Ted DiBiase is the new 24/7 champ.

Jerry 'The King' Lawler was back at the announce table to call the next match.

AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins had the upper hand early on and AJ had to rely on his teammates for a distraction. Rollins was outnumbered but Triple H and Shawn Michaels, a.k.a DX came out to settle things fair and square. Eventually, both teams ended up in the ring and the match was called off due to the interruption.

Result: DNF

The OC did the 'too sweet' hand gesture, trying to win over DX and they too joined in, before hitting the DX chop and fighting off the OC. The heels got steel chairs and came after DX when Road Dogg, X-Pac, Scott Hall, and Diesel came in to fend off the OC. They even mentioned Chyna as the OG's sent the OC packing. AJ and Co. left and Dogg handed Rollins the mic to hit them with their iconic catchphrase.

Segment Rating: A+ for AWESOME!

Ted DiBiase went inside his blacked-out limousine and after a few moments, Drake Maverick came out after beating Ted off-camera with the 24/7 title.

Back in the ring, Mick Foley was out to celebrate the reunion and his career. He was about to show us his favorite moment from his career when the Titantron glitched out and the arena went completely dark as the light malfunctioned as well. Bray Wyatt was in the ring when the lights came back and hit Foley with the legend's own finisher, the Mandible Claw.

Alexa Bliss was out for a Moment of Bliss with co-host, Nikki Cross and the guest for the night was Becky Lynch. Natalya came out uninvited and Bliss showed us a recap of last week when the two threatened each other. Nattie and the champ broke into a brawl and that was the end of Bliss' show.

Backstage, R-Truth came and snatched Drake Maverick's title yet again as well as his wife, leaving carmella behind with a grovelling Maverick.

Braun Strowman vs. Developmental Talent

Braun Strowman told us not to blink because the match wasn't gonna last long. Braun hit a big boot, knocking his opponent around and hit a huge slam, chucking him across the ring and getting the easy three-count.

Result: Braun Strowman def. Developmental Talent

Match rating: C

All the WWE legends were out to greet Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. Hogan came out last and thanked everyone for the support over the years. He mentioned how much Tampa, Florida means to him and then was interrupted by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The crowd was ecstatic and Austin said that every one from the crew to the Superstars, the audience and even the fans watching at home were part of the WWE family. He recalled hanging out with Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan as well as Ron Simmons, the night before.

Austin made a toast to everyone in the arena as well as the fans at home as all the Superstars shared beers in the ring.

Segment Rating: A+ for AWESOME!

Episode rating: A+

One of the most iconic epsiodes in RAW history. Very few epsiodes can match up to this.

Edited by Alan John


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