WWE Rumor Roundup - Superstar fired for not knowing who Stephanie McMahon was, Plan for Roman Reigns' new faction, Brock Lesnar's next opponent, and more - 3rd October 2020

Stephanie McMahon, Roman Reigns, and Paul Heyman.
Stephanie McMahon, Roman Reigns, and Paul Heyman.

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup. We begin today's lineup with a story about a Superstar's firing from the company and the ridiculous reason why it happened.

Roman Reigns is inarguably enjoying the best phase of his WWE career, but it may get even better if WWE's reported plans come to fruition.

Brock Lesnar is busy enjoying his hiatus, but talks are happening regarding The Beast Incarnate's next move.

The most controversial story of the day revolves around WWE's new mandate regarding Twitch. Several details about WWE's message to the roster and what could happen next have been revealed.

Finally, we end the latest installment of the WWE Rumor Roundup with a vital update about the future of RAW Underground.

#5. A former WWE Superstar was fired for not knowing Stephanie McMahon and Vickie Guerrero

Does the name Amy Zidian ring a bell? If not, let's refresh your memories. Amy Zidian was one of the finalists of the WWE Divas Search in 2006, and she was even signed to a contract by the company.

Zidian was paired up with Jimmy Wang Yang, but her WWE stint didn't last for long as she was released from her contract.

Jimmy Wang Yang was a guest on Tommy Dreamer's 'House of Hardcore' podcast, and the former WWE Superstar revealed the story about Amy Zidian's firing from the WWE.

Wang revealed that Zidian didn't know who Stephanie McMahon and the former Divas Search competitor even had an awkward backstage interaction with the WWE CBO.

Stephanie McMahon blew it off as 'Divas Search' girls were perceived to have no clue about wrestling. Wang revealed another incident wherein Zidian reportedly asked Vickie Guerrero how she got into the business.

The Vickie Guerrero incident apparently blew up, and Zidian was subsequently fired from the WWE.

Here's what Yang revealed:

I remember meeting her, and she said, 'I want to be your ring girl.' I wasn't ribbing her, but I told her to put on some daisy dukes and go ask him (Vince McMahon) if you can. She put some daisy dukes on, walked straight up to Vince during rehearsals, and said, 'can I be Jimmy Wang Yang's girlfriend?' He said, 'sure, why not?' We debuted her, and one week went by. The second week we were introducing her again. I'm standing there ready to do the pretape. Stephanie walks by, and Amy reaches over and says, 'hey, I'm Amy, who are you?' I left. She didn't know who Stephanie McMahon was. Stephanie blew it off because she was a Diva Search girl, so they don't know wrestling. I thought it got swept under a rug. I wasn't there for the second story, but I heard she was in the locker room with Vickie Guerrero. They are having their girl talk, and she asked Vickie, 'so how did you get in the business?' I think that's the one that blew up because then we were in Boston at the arena, Regal and Taylor were in the ring, and we were doing a tag or a six-man. I went to the gorilla to go out through the entrance, and Johnny (Laurinaitis) and Dean (Malenko) grabbed her and told me to just go to the ring. I got in the ring, and Regal asked where's your bird at. I said, 'I think she just got fired.' I think it got around that she didn't know who Stephanie was. She didn't know who Vickie was. Ok, this girl definitely doesn't belong in this business." H/t
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Edited by Atharva Papnoi

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