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WWE Rumors: Jeff Hardy possibly returning as old TNA character

Nicky Pags
17 Aug 2019, 02:39 IST

Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is anticipating his return to WWE TV

WWE star Jeff Hardy has been out of action since the April 30th episode of SmackDown Live, during which The Hardy Boyz were forced to vacate the SmackDown Tag Team titles due to Jeff Hardy suffering a leg injury.

Following the injury, Jeff Hardy underwent surgery to repair the leg and his timetable for return was set at 6-9 months. At last word, Hardy is rumored to be returning to action sometime in November, although his return date has yet to be announced by WWE.

While off television, Jeff Hardy made headlines last month when he was arrested in South Carolina on charges of public intoxication when he was found passed out in a public stairwell. Hardy was later released from jail and is awaiting his return to WWE TV.

Is Jeff Hardy bringing an old Impact character to WWE?

In a move which will likely get fans talking about plans for Jeff Hardy when he returns to WWE TV, the former Tag Team Champion posted a video on Instagram featuring a performance of Staind's "It's Been Awhile."

During the video, the song performance is abruptly cut short and Jeff Hardy's old Impact Wrestling character Willow makes a surprise appearance and begins to laugh.

For those unaware, Willow was a character that Jeff Hardy debuted in Impact when he was feuding with his brother Matt Hardy, who at the time was fully into his Broken Matt Hardy character.

Jeff Hardy used the Willow character to fight back against his brother Matt's Broken character, and Willow featured an elaborate mask along with a unique ring entrance for Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy as Willow
Jeff Hardy as Willow

Matt Hardy previously used a version of his Broken character, referred to as Woken, in WWE, and the character peaked with a match against Bray Wyatt which WWE dubbed The Ultimate Deletion.

Would you like to see Jeff Hardy bring Willow to WWE? Let us know in the comment section!

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